Remember when a presidential candidate asked you to vote for revenge? 
Did you? 
Are you feeling the revenge?

Alphabet Soup of Failure. Pen and Ink on 17"x14" Paris Paper
Unprecedented Concoction of Corruption, Distrust, Ineptness, Incompetence, Lies, Falsehoods, Coverups, Spying, Overreach, Political Correctness, Abuse of Power and Disregard for the People.

And here is my revenge: Life, Faith, Love, Liberty, Drawing. This is the Liars, Fabulists and Prevaricators Series. One does not have far to look for inspiration - here's what inspires me and how. These are pen and ink drawings on 17"x14" Paris paper:


Now listening to Doris Day and soon Ella Fitzgerald. 
Have you heard of Tuva and their throat singers? I love Huun Hurr Tu.


Bella Sinclair said...

How many times do you think your pen lines have reached to the moon and back? I've lost count. Even now, after all these years, your drawings hold such a grip on me.

I remember borrowing LPs of Doris Day from the library and playing them over and over and over again! Doris and Ella. Beautiful voices.

Ces Adorio said...

Gosh, I don't know. I think there are more obsessive ink travelers than me. Maybe I have just reached Midway Island from here. Ugh, I hope I am not in the middle of the ocean. It makes me sad that today's singers cannot match the caliber of Doris and Ella. Every word they sang I can understand because they enunciated them well. Today, modern instruments and background noise masks their vocal insufficiency. Yesterday's singers and crooners relied on their voices to cary the melody and music. Tsup! Tsup!