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Sunday, April 13, 2014

LOL! I Am In Love

(LOL) Lord Of The Lies 

aka The Fabulous Fabulist,  part of the Liars, Fabulists, Prevaricators and The Like series. These are details of a 14"x17" pen and ink drawing. Click on the preview slides to enlarge. I have fallen in love with detailed pen and ink drawing...oh wait, this is not new. Let us just say that I actually took my time and even stopped to draw something else for Illustration Friday, just so I can keep enjoying this. 

Thanks to Bella Sinclair who inspired me to draw little creatures. When I saw Bella's illustration for Space, I was stunned at how she accurately portrayed two friends, one who needs space but seems to have a difficult time escaping the other gesticulating, loquacious friend. I lifted the two and put them in this busy jungle of the Lord of the Lies.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Geminis Aries Scorpionis et Piscibus

I thought I was finished with the quick sketch on the left, which I started while watching the Rockets play against the Timberwolves last night. It was supposed to be a square drawing on an 11"x9" Bristol Board but this morning, I did not like looking at the wide margins. The Rockets lost last night. Pfft! They are playing again tonight and I hope they win. 

My husband and son love watching sports on television. I try to join them but I cannot just sit and stare at the screen, so I draw. I hate it when out team loses. The above illustration was inspired by this

Today, I was reading some blog posts and comments from 2009. It was bittersweet to read the comments from four blog friends who have since passed away. Their words sparkle like gems.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lord Of The Lies

It has been a hectic, maddening, worrisome, and anxiety-ridden week here for several reasons, but I am prevailing. This very happy-looking illustration is shrouded in misery because it is actually a part of the "Liars, Fabulists, Prevaricators and The Like" series. However, just like real life, the good have to face the bad and we deal with situations in the best way we can, until we have enough. I enjoy drawing this picture and experimenting with different types of pigment ink so that I almost cover each white space with ink but still have different shading and lighting effects. I might take a break to prolong the process and maybe draw something for Illustration Friday's Zodiac. What is your sign?

Lord Of The Lies, in progress, is the fourth installment to my Liars, Fabulists, Prevaricators and The Like series.

Liars, Fabulists, Prevaricators and The Like Series, Pen and Ink 14"x17" Bristol Board. Left to Right: (Left) The Incompetent Intolerant Megalomaniacal Pecksniffian Stalinist Equivocator and His Obsequious Sanctimonious Prevaricating Perverted Bumbledom, (Middle) The Liars' Fancy Dress Ball, (Right) The Vermicious Pernicious Fabulist And His Repertoire of Insidious Vermin.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Her Royal Kindness Surviving The Imperial Fuss Over Another Special Ordinary Day

Her Royal Kindness Surviving The Imperial Fuss Over Another Ordinary Day

This drawing is taking forever. When I say "forever" I mean more than a day and lately, a day means two, three or four days or even a week, until I am fed up with it. So I am going to cut corners, literally. I am just going to use the left upper corner.


Your royal kindness,
When civilization ends,
I will still be your friend.
When I wake up,
you are in my remembrances.
When I close my eyes,
you are on my list to give thanks.
In my dreams, I am rowing a giant oak leaf 
towards an isolated island to save 
and protect you
from crazy, slobbering, stalking dogs.
I wake up
and it is not what I have dreamt.
It is you who keep me safe from 
crazy, slobbering, stalking dogs,
You send a hummingbird 
to pluck me from drowning.
In my old age I will continue to fuss
in my heart to celebrate your special day
while I play and pretend that 
it is just another ordinary day.
I wanted a lot of fanfare and macarons
but I just have this unfinished drawing
and a poem that does not even rhyme.
Thank God it is not the end of civilization,
and there are real poets.
Today is Sisterfriend Day
and No Housekeeping Day.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Barackhio, Lord Of The Lies, A Work In Progress

I promised myself, the next time I draw, I will do it leisurely and be meticulous with every detail. The sloths are there to remind me. Well, I am still not meticulous enough. Trying even harder...