An Ordinary Day

How often does this happen to you? You are doing something and then you are gripped with a sensation so strong that it overwhelms and overcomes you. Nothing is amiss; nothing is bad or wrong nor great or exciting.  You are doing something ordinary on an ordinary day. Yet, you are filled with that sensation both mental and physical. Is it delight, joy, happiness, gratitude, perhaps a feeling of being blessed because you are alive and you are here and cooking? Yes, cooking! Imagine that. What is so great about cooking or doing laundry, changing sheets, dusting, working at your desk, writing rules, drawing, painting, being with your husband, laughing with your children… everyday events? Maybe it is just me. But my day is punctuated by those moments just because I am alive and here.

I am still amazed by ordinary things. Others tease or taunt me by saying I am easy to please. On the contrary, I am not. I just think and feel differently about certain things, like the glide of a pen when it reaches that stage where it flows with the same sensation when I sometimes use charcoal or graphite. It reverberates into my arm. I can feel every point and every line of ink it creates. It is sensuous. It hits my guts and I am afraid to breathe because it might alter the rhythm and then I stop and gasp. I am so happy and grateful that I love what I do and I think about how I got into this state. I thank those who made it possible for me to feel and think without restraint; guided not by onerous tyrannical man-made laws but by the laws of sensibilities and of human dignity. So I thank my parents for guiding me to a place called here and now and for reminding me to never forget that I am free. I thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve my freedom and liberty. Yes, liberty, freedom from arbitrary or despotic government control,  which is why I get intense and tense when those who are in a position of power think and act as if they are better or know better than everybody else then legislate moronic rules, regulations and laws.

Yes, it is an ordinary day. Thank God.


Rick Forrestal said...

Happens to me a lot.
Not every day, but often.
It's good to be alive, and feel.

Bella Sinclair said...

Blessed is the soul who can appreciate what is most important in this life. Tsup tsup!