It's terrible how some ignorant, stupid and greedy humans treat wild animals mostly endangered and rare as resources for consumption and meet their insane desire to collect  rare animals. They do not mind if the animal species reach extinction. They poach rhinos for Chinese traditional medicine; steal tamarins from zoos and sanctuaries; they massacre entire communities of flying lizards in Davao and skewer and roast them to sell for pagan Filipino tribal medicine; they allow Chinese smugglers to invade their provinces so they can kill pangolins in Palawan, again, for Chinese traditional medicine. Lord knows what they will do with the stolen tamarins  in today's news. These two species of animals stolen from a London zoo surprised me because last week I was looking for bearded animals to incorporate in my drawings. I chanced upon the mustachioed and bearded emperor tamarins and the beard-less but hairy cotton-top. On the left is a Cotton-top tamarin. with her two babies. In the middle are  Emperor tamarins.  Cotton top monkeys are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment so these animals must be frightened from the ordeal. I can only think that these thieves and their recipients have no regard for humanity.

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Bella Sinclair said...

Oooh, I love your creatures, big and small! The little guys with whiskers look so Seussian, don't they?

Grrrrr, the selfish stupidity of some humans is staggering. When they catch these cretins, they need to put them in a zoo exhibit and sell rotten tomatoes to throw.

Sorry about the Rockets. That must have been a frustrating nail biter.