I don't know anybody named Vanity, do you? I know a couple of girls whose mothers named them Placenta and Vagina but not Vanity. Yes, some mothers are stupid.

Below are images I incorporated on my recent drawing which I finished today. These are symbols of vanity and I wanted to post them for Illustration Friday but I did not meet the deadline. The images include Putto and wasted time, ostentatious display of jewelry, skull, blowing bubbles, Satan holding the mirror of vanity, bird skeleton and the Whore of Babylon. It was interesting reading about the symbols of vanity.

Yesterday, there was not much left to do with the illustration. In fact, I enhanced some of the details just to extend its drawing life because I need to be able to do something next week while sitting in the waiting room for some scheduled procedures. I realize I needed to start a new drawing soon. Anyhow, here is Vanity. 


Bella Sinclair said...

Close ups! What a treat! Okay, so some of them may symbolize a negative virtue (blowing bubbles, really?), but still, they are cute.

Yes! I know a person named Vanity! Do you remember one of Prince's early protégés? That was not her real name, granted, but I'd still count it.

Have a wonderful Saturday. Tsup!

Katherine Thomas said...

These are awesome. I so admire your drawings. And that name... it's perfect! I can think of all kinds of adventures and mishaps and life lessons that little Vanity will experience! Oh, and I once had a student named Xodus. Spelled just like that. But that's a fun, original name, one-of-a-kind name. I'm glad I didn't have to call out Placenta and Vagina on the morning roll call!

Ces Adorio said...

Bella, Blowing bubbles signify the impermanence of time, so does the skeleton of a bird.

Vanity does not sound so bad. :)

Katherine, the book Freakonomics has a chapter devoted on names of children, class, race, social levels. Very interesting. The mother who named her daughter Vagina pronounced it "Virgina."