Listening to the news yesterday, I just heard a commentary about artistic people in Hollywood:
"They are detached from reality and are juvenile. They create their own world." 

Free. 17"x14" on pen and ink on Paris paper.

I am having an absolutely fun and very pleasant time drawing these little characters which I adapted from Bella Sinclair's style after I saw her illustration which has now become my latest favorite. No wonder Bella always seem so happy and positive and her drawings exude mirth because there is something that evokes the joyful senses when I draw these little darlings. Granted, unlike Bella's illustrations, I toss and plunge these little creatures into and within threatening and unpleasant environments. I mentally infuse each tiny creature with personality and I root for them to survive those who want to harm them like some other little evil creatures that look like them too. Demons walk the earth with us, do you know that? That is why it is always good to have your angels. Such is life, you don't know who Satan pretends to be. I hope Bella forgives me for exposing these little creatures to danger and negative situations, but I am rooting for every little good freedom and liberty loving creature. Some details below.

Okay, my Apple Macbook randomly shuts down. Looks like the battery, which was replaced by a new one last year.  Oh, one more thing before I go. The Constitution is an awesome document that was written as the foundation for our republic. It is not some malleable document which liberals and progressives can interpret and change according to their whims. It was cleverly designed to thwart tyrants and prevent tyranny. That is why many liberals complain about it, even the current president once mentioned that it gets on his way. Think about that. 

Have a great week!


Bella Sinclair said...

I think your kids live in a heck of a more exciting and interesting world than mine. A little darkness is good. It's all about balance, after all. :)

Kathy Jurek said...

Hi Ces! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) It's wonderful to get comments and interaction. I'm a new fan of Bella's. Her blog is so happy and encouraging. It's wonderful to be inspired by each other. Your drawing is fascinating and amazing requiring such technical skill and patience! I don't think I have that much patience but I so admire those who lovingly work on such detailed masterpieces. ;)

danuta said...

I like what you feel and you can describe, broken down into the paper. It is welcome when you visit my site - I then pleasantly impression, so that someone came to the gallery to watch what he did. Yours sincerely ---- O'Clara - danuta