Thou Shalt Not Harm Nor Intend To Harm The One You Love

This is still part of the Cadena de Amor series but I am leaving the color off this one. It is black and white as can be as you can plainly see:

Sleeping With The Enemy. Pigment pen and  ink on 14"x17" Bristol Board. We have all heard of the saying that starts "With friends like these, who needs enemies..." Well you can just add just about anything else to that line. Love should never ever be associated with the words "use" and "abuse." People who love one anther do not use and abuse each other.  By all means, avoid parasites, predators, liars, thieves, violent persons and hypocrites. Do not permit anyone to use or abuse you. It is better to be alone than to be with someone who uses and abuses you.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Ces, your art! Amazing. And good advice here...my Florence N. sister. :)

Steve E said...

Ces I can/and do stare at some of your work for long periods of time
like--5-6 seconds, at least--grin!

Seriously, I spend much time on your site(s) and there is always more
which I had not previously noticed. Someone commented this yesterday,
and I agreed--your drawings, your art, SPEAKS its own language. I think
you must while working laugh, smile, cry, shout? (and dance!) EVERYTHING
shows through the inks of your pens and paint of your brushes. I am slow,
and need to pore over pictures--not just yours. Enjoyment, almost a happy
connection I make with the artist sometimes (in my own head, that is!).

And when you write, to me it is similar to reading Beethoven's notations
which allow us to enter his mind. He actually shows us how he
composes a melody, a phrase, a (musical) sentence.

Enough of this 'talk'. Bottom line...I L I K E !!!!!

Steve E said...

One time while traipsing through some woods on the farm with an older farmhand we came on a snake which was in the act of eating (whole) her/his last of three baby bunny rabbits.

Old farm Peep killed said snake, slit open the stomach, and that last rabbit was still alive. Don't recall any more, except I did learn one thing that day. It ain't over, until it's over. Whatever! Nice to chat here with you, Art-Lady..and so much more!!

Tammie Lee said...

sage advice
powerful piece
sending love... just because

Ted Blackman said...

Aint it the truth. Yeah, I'd much rather be alone. All the more time to draw, my dear..

Hey, I came up with a new Billy Jenkin's gag. You know, the boy who hates math. Can't wait to draw it up. Thanks for the spark, Ces.

Bella Sinclair said...

Love, love, love this. You can make evil so temptingly beautiful. The textures in the grass and bark and scales....oh my. TSUP!!

Rod MacGregor said...

Amazing chain of love drawings Ces!

k.h.whitaker said...

ummm, how did I miss this? First week of school I guess. I love it, even the snake :D so many lovely little details. Did you find a new pen? I think that I read somewhere that you were out of ink! We can't have that, you must order a case immediately ;)