Shsssssssss...Listen To Teacher

Cadena de Amor, Ikatatlo. Chain of Love, Third. When I hear the word love, I think of my family and my friends. However, it's interesting how this series is prompting me to explore other facets of love, the so called love in disguise.  What have you learned about love?

A metaphor.

Some cadena de amor (Chain of Love) vines coil and constrict like a snake. Some people who claim to love you are like snakes.  They constrict, suffocate and poison. Always keep a pair of sharp scissors and a knife handy. The scissors so you can immediately cut the vine; the knife so can skin the snake. Better yet, just run away! Run, run far away! Black and colored pigment ink on 14"x17" Bristol Board.

I am reminded of my Mother telling me and my brothers and sisters how to run away from a snake, when I was a kid.

This is different, isn't it? :) 


 Antigonon leptopus Hook. & Arn. - Cadena de Amor (Spanish, Tagalog)

Also known as:
A. cinerascens M.Martens & Galleotti - Bride's Tears (English)
A. cordatum M. Martens & Galleotti - Coral Creeper (English)
A. platypus Hook. & Arn. Martens - Coral Vine (English)
Coculum leptopum (H & A) Stuntz - Chinese Love Vine (English) Coralila, Coralita (Jamaica), Hearts on a Chain (English), Love Vine (English), Queens Wreath (English)


k.h.whitaker said...

Love her sarong and the plaids are fun. Great snake, even though I really, really, really, don't like snakes ;)

k.h.whitaker said...

but your snake rocks :) (((HUG)))

TSUP, tsup....

Rick Forrestal said...

Your snake series is very deep. So much to translate.
Little details, almost buried.
(Kinda the Ces rorschach test.)
I like 'em though.

C.P.Adorio said...

Oh I do not like snakes at all! The real and metaphorical ones. Hehehe. The plaids are native wraps for my region. They are called patadyong. Thank you, Karen. Tsup!

C.P.Adorio said...

Hehehe. Thank you Rick. Oh this is the Cadena de Amor (chain of love) series. It just so happened that I embedded a snake in this series but only in a couple. That is enough. Hope your summer rocks!

Creations By Mit said...

As always, a really fascinating & thought provoking post, Ces! And so true - you definitely need some kind of weapon handy should you come across that toxic kind of "love!" Great piece! Oh, and that tree is simply AMAZING!!!!!

dosankodebbie said...

The little creatures you have in each of your pieces are fascinating to me. But I'm a little frustrated because I can't enlarge the images enough to fully enjoy the details, and my eyesight is so poor... :(

C.P.Adorio said...

Thank you Mit :)

C.P.Adorio said...

Debbie, I am sorry. I don't know why you can't because I posted large files and can see them from two different operating systems. :( So sorry. I don't know what else to do. Try and see if the latest posts will enlarge them for you. There is a post after this one that also has large files. I hope that works.

Ted Blackman said...

Niiiiice drawing. And look how much I can enlarge it. I can see every detail.