Resigned. Black, blue and navy micron pigment ink and black India ink on 14"x17" Bristol board. Still part of the Cadena de Amor series.

So I gaily walk along the brick path 

and chanced upon a fork on the road.
I stand tall and firm contemplating 
the scene before me, what to do?
I am at a crossroad.
This is getting old and I am weary.
It took me more than three days
what used to take one.
And for what?


Rick Forrestal said...

Oh I love this piece.
Coming upon that famous fork in the road!
It's wonderful . . .
and I love the blue sneakers.

Lisa Graham Art said...

I would like to borrow those shoes. This is amazing Ces. So which fork will you be taking?

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh dear. She does look resigned. Why so blue, lovely lady? Turn around, close your eyes, and caress those stones behind you. Three days instead of one may indicate no more rushing, more savoring, more living in the moment.

I am going to imagine that your shoes are made of suede.

Tsup tsup tsup!

Steve E said...

HA! HA! I GOT IT! Blue Suede Shoes. See, Bella I'm NOT out of touch with reality--grin!

CES! BLUE is "my color(s). My uniform is dark jeans, blue shirt (same color what you chose) every day, every day. Never have to decide what to wear! LOVE those shoes, Ma'am!

And so you have reached a TURNING POINT in life? or job? or art? Since they're one and same, let me say: It matters not what you decide to do. Only one who cares is YOU! Others, of course wish for your best interest served. Family and many friends only want you to be happy.
Most of us fear change. Or we at least do not LIKE change.

Whatever you decide, everyone is on your side. No judgements. I'm gonna write you a note, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week--or 2013--grin!!!

k.h.whitaker said...

Oh, she does look very resigned... Is this all about the business of art? It stinks sometimes, it's hard to be creative and like the business side too. You can't let that pull you down(she says as she is pulling herself back up, once again) ;)
I wish that I could ease your distress Ces, but I do agree with Bella. Savoring is good... Things always take me two, three, sometimes four times longer these days, but I'm not in such a rush and I try to not let pressure, stress, etc. get to me. Take time to enjoy the process of everything
Oh, and I love the blues, and the idea of blue suede sneakers ;)

TSUP, Tsup, tsup...

Rod MacGregor said...

I won't try and analyse this work...beautifully illustrated as usual...but pretty depressing and lonely!:)

C.P.Adorio said...

See, I like how you always get it! :)