Show Your True Stripes

Run! Pigment and India ink on 9"x12" Bristol Board.

Last week, I posted the image on the left. I was a week ahead of Illustration Friday. I already posted my stripes. Talking about stripes, I love pinstripes. I also prefer pinstriped people over flannelmouths, and chintzy people.

So I was preparing a post for Stripes and drew an image of a pinstriped woman on a snowy background. However, I messed up her eyes and so she ended up with hollow eyes, as if her eyeballs were enucleated from the sockets. She looked like a zombie. I figured Halloween is over and so I ditched the image.

Last night, I finished the above drawing. I like the way my experiment turned out. I used India ink to darken the background, instead it turned into an awful mess. I squiggled over the India inked surface with micron pen and I am pleased with the final outcome of my accident. Then after I scanned the image I noticed the stripes!!! Yay!

About the image, I wanted to illustrate motion. However, as with everything else I paint or draw, I never have any concrete plans. I have a general idea and then I start drawing the faces, if I am not happy with the face, I tear the drawing.

Have you ever met someone who turns out to be so wonderful, sometimes you wonder if you are dreaming? I have a friend with whom I have communicated almost everyday for several years now. I have yet to find a reason to be bored and stop. I can't find any, in fact, I find the opposite. Not that I am looking for a reason, but I want to pinch myself sometimes to be sure I am not dreaming. The only thing which I may consider a problem is the fact that she is such a mental ninja, I have to be up my toes and running to catch up with her agile and sharp mind. I am so blessed! Thank you.

You know what I find amazing? The fact that a piece of paper and a pen with 0.20 mm line width, can illustrate texture, motion and friendship.

Okay, I just wanted to share a peek of what's on my drawing pad...

Have a wonderful week everyone! Go Texans!!!


dosankodebbie said...

I absolutely agree that it is amazing that "a piece of paper and a pen with 0.20 mm line width, can illustrate texture, motion and friendship." I think that every time I see your art.

Ces said...

Aaaawwww Debbie. Thank you. So sweet and kind of you. What I am trying to say is that the different shading can create an image. I think I am still awed by the invention of ink.

Andrew said...

And it takes a love and a talent to cover the paper with the pen.

All the very best to you Ces!

Steve E said...

"Have you ever met someone who turns out to be so wonderful, sometimes you wonder if you are dreaming?"


But it feels like I'm getting close...

Ces, I'm still stuck on the little boy in the snow, and the coffee cups--I need a coffee right now.

I'll get down to the running ladies this week--hopefully they'll be still running. Or running still?

Actually, I'm 'still' loving every stripe, every inking squiggly, every description, like 'flannelmouth'. And I hang on each word of yours--better than being hung by your words!

PEACE to you and your friend of all time--stories like that friendship are inspiring, reassuring me that there IS a God.

Bella Sinclair said...

Funny you should mention it! I also have a mental ninja friend who keeps me on my toes and fills my life with deeper meaning. I am blessed.

Aaaaah! You've kicked it up a notch! Saturation level approaching 100%. Wheeeee! This looks incredible! Though I do fear for them. It is pitch black outside, and they do not have flashlights.

And I am in a TIZZY over your new drawing! Sartorial splendor, oh MY! You, my dear, are amazing. Not the paper or the pen. You.


Sarah said...

WOW, your art is amazing!! :)

Diana Evans said...

oh that winter scene blog header made my day Sweet CES!!!!!! and

Yes CES!!!! he is a man after my own heart!!!! I love that he has the same thoughts as me!!! Brad is not too thrilled when they start playing Christmas songs on the radio in November....but Cole and I love it!!!!

Thank you for the sweet words...you always make me happy!!!

I love your new piece....the details you put into your art....blow me away!!!!!


Diana Evans said...

you are so right CES!!!! he will eventually give in....and once I start my baking...he will be happy to enjoy the celebrations!!!! you have a wonderful week too!!!! hugs

martinealison said...

Ma chère Ces, lorsque j'ouvre ton blog... je me dis ok! tu vas ne plus pouvoir lâcher tes yeux de l'écran. Tes dessins m'hypnotisent complètement. J'admire l'ensemble des détails qui ont tous une signification si importante.
Décidément lorsque tu ne dessines pas des glands, tu les crées en passementerie! Je ne sais pas si en anglais on dit le même mot, mais en français un gland de passementerie est ce parfait "pompon" au bout de la cordelette que tu as admirablement dessiné autour de la taille de ton personnage.
Je te fais de gros bisous et te souhaite une très belle semaine.

Ces said...

Martine Alison!!! Mon Dieu! Comment avez-vous remarqué que de glands !!!??? Cela était si minuscule. Vous avez des yeux pointus! Je vous remercie. Tsup!

Ces said...

Andrew, thank you very much. So glad to see you.

Ces said...

Steve! Hello. I am glad to see. Are you still hiding behind the green door? I hope you are enjoying your sabbatical. Thank yu for your comment, you are always so kind to me.

Ces said...

Bella, TSUP! TSUP!!!
I love you!!!

Ces said...

Thank you Sarah. Just having fun.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

YES! and amazing they found you to animate them! :-} such detailed creations.


Andrew Finnie said...

You tear the drawing ?????????aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh :) Listen just send it to me and I will tear it for you. ces, well love that ground, that sign on the tree, the romance of the image, the scaryness of the trees, trees can be so scary, weird isn't because wee in them all kinds of huamnn things like long f o=infgers and arms and faces and stuff, even keyboards- we have a keyboard tree out the back, hard to belive eh? Our spelling bush has gone awol though. :)

Now let me see, I thought romance, children's book edgar allen poe when I saw this, and I think it is because Karen has been reading poe and because of your library so there.

By the way, this is beautiful the movement of the hair exquisite.

You rock! I roll :)

Andrew Finnie said...

ah Ces, you are busy with Life. Imagine if you had fulfilled all your wishes, that you had done all that there was to be done...

there would be nothing to do but eat Tripe all day. Lucky you like tripe. I used to love tripe till I found it was made from the underside of frog's tongues -w with the warts scraped offf ..

my magic word is hairrita ... hmm. :)

Ces said...

FYI: I do not eat tripe. Ugh! Mr. Finnie. Stop spreading rumors! :)

k.h.whitaker said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing Ces! Ink is wonderful, but it's what you do with it that is so amazing.


Rubin Pingk said...

Ces! This is wonderful! I love the energy in it and the details.

I am very fond of this. It is so full of mood and kinetic energy.

Prasetyo said...

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caela said...

This is great :) its so nice to see your process you can see theres so much detail. I love the eerie mood it creates :D

Indigene said...

Yes, the paper and pen are nice, but I think that it's you who make it amazing! :)

Ces said...

Prasetyo, I hope you read this. Just a friendly advice, around here, we don't copy and paste our comments from one blog to another. Enjoy blogwalking. :)