A Sinistral Serenade With A Peacock

A Sinistral Serenade With A Peacock. Oil on canvas, 30"x40". Dedicated to Inday Leah. I have been struggling what to say about this painting, then I had a discussion with my friend and and I told her what I thought. Hahahaha! I decided to share it here. I think this pretty much explains what I feel at the moment:
"You know, this painting is about how I feel about blogging and art at the moment. I love both and hate both. I am so ambivalent about these things lately. I continue to blog because it makes the people I love happy when they read and see what I have to say. Like my sister Leah, when she says she feels a connection to me. I love painting but I also hate the fact that I seem overruled by the desire to paint. I wish I did these things in moderation and rather nonchalantly. I also hate the fact that I fret over this every so often. Why can't I just enjoy it? I can't because when I do it, it is an obsession. I don't even give myself time to appreciate or enjoy what I just painted. It's not what I painted but rather that I am painting that seems to be the focus. Anyway. More blah blah blah…"

My little painting corner above...where I sit with my easel, palette and brushes; and Daisy in a love seat nearby. This week my son picked up a stray puppy that has been abused and abandoned ...that's another story.


Bella Sinclair said...

Beautiful, the sound of her colors. Her serenade even humbles the peacock, for he knows his brilliant display pales in comparison. She is magnificent! There's nothing blah blah blah about her or you or the wonders you create.


Rick Forrestal said...

Is it OK if I tell you I enjoy your latest "Serenading The Peacock" painting -- I don't want to be your motivation to keep painting (ha.)

I can kind of relate to your obsession to keep painting, as it feels like that when I'm shooting these days -- but then I feel incomplete if I'm not "seeing the world" and composing through my camera.

Maybe it's just simple reason enough that you paint, and we're glad you do.

You've got a great eye . . . may as well enjoy it.
Have a great day.

Julia Christie said...

I love this piece!!! This is my favorite so far and a bit interesting as I have been really drawn to these shades of blue lately..You may see something from me in these shades soon... You have inspired me again ~ I love that you keep sharing what you create with us, because you really can't know how much it means to me (and lots of other people too I am certain). A world without Ces, for me, would be bleak indeed!

I love your passion
I love your paintings
I love your spirit
I love you when you struggle
I love you when you are at peace

Hugs and thank you for not giving up on this love / hate relationship with blogging.
My life is so much richer each time I visit!

Hugs and smiles

Tsup! Tsup!

k.h.whitaker said...

oh, so beautiful! I love the peacock and the peacock-y colors of the sky. I love the way this painting feels. I think it is my new favorite, maybe, I really love the last one too though. I feel you on the obsession thing. I so easily become obsessed with the act of painting or whatever my current artistic obsessive endeavor is. I have to try to minimize my involvement in it or it takes over. I don't stop to enjoy what I produce I just stop when I am pleased, or just done then move on to the next one. Tsup!

rossichka said...

A serenade at dusk. When the evening's coming on tiptoes. Attracted by the music. Like the peacock, who's listening and listening, and listening till a full obsession.
I like the white accents in the painting. I don't know whether there's a "correct" way of painting/drawing... Hate or love, hesitate or believe - it's a part of the process, it depends on your mood, even on the very particular day of your life...I just see the result and it's a marvelous piece of art!

Steve E said...

As soon as I saw this finished Sinistral Serenade...Peacock, I looked away. It was as if something there I did not wish, or need to view. Like--forbidden. The astonishing BEAUTY, hues of blues, this is by far my favorite Ces-Art!

A fine guitarist and I used to sit in our yard in Naples FL, and play (and drink)for hours, as neighbors and friends came to sit, listen, and share good humor. There were days of sadness and of gladness. Maybe these thoughts ran through my head as I'm reading this post.

Ces, I simply hate to write you or comment, because I know you will take precious moments to respond, unnecessary as that is! (But I LOVE it!!!). Your work is pushing that envelope of brushes up the mountain, higher with each effort (which seem effortless. HA!) This is enough from me, but I am thrilled to be present here--and made to feel welcome.


Tammie said...

Ces, this is gorgeous. For me there is a lovely serene feeling to this, a dreamy beautiful reality.

I can not pick up on your feelings about art or blogging in this piece. I wish you peace or clarity around these thoughts, but sometimes it is the lack of piece that is the muse in life... so perhaps there is an odd perfection to it all.

Francisco Martins said...

Hahaha! Ces it's like you just read my mind! I totally understand what you mean... Like... we had a Holiday here in Lisbon and I got a break from my full time work at the agency, and what do I do??? did I go to the beach? did I enjoy a movie at home? dig I go for a walk to relax and enjoy the glorious weather outside? NO! I stayed home finishing more illustrations and blogging ANDDD wishing that I was doing other things during the whole time. Are we nuts?

This painting is gorgeous by the way, love the theme and the colours are so beautiful and fresh. We seam to be sharing the same "communion with nature" mood. :)


Andrew Finnie said...

gee Ces, I am hanging updise down by a chandelier aand the lady wants her money as it is knock off time but I must say that, even upside down this looks mannga carter! But seriously it is beautiful and I know that that is only skin deep but hey, I will be back and say something profound later :)

I the moment my word is 'diddi'!

Ces said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!! You are so kind and good to me. Thank you very much.

Bella dearest, thank you very much for listening to me. You inspire me so much. You make me want to do better.

Ces said...

Ah Rick, and why not? Your photographs do inspire me especially your botanicals. I love the flowers, They are always my favorites. My visit with you is always a pleasant experience.

Ces said...

Aaaaawww, Julia. I feel so undeserving! You are much too kind to me. Thank you very much. I have to say that your beautiful swirls are a source of inspiration. Thank you!!!!

Ces said...

Ah KH, I am so relieved that know that! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Ugh, it's awful, isn't it? It is no fun to be under the spell of an activity. It is like a drug or alcohol addiction.

Ces said...

Rossichka, do you know that your comment always manages to lift me up from the depths? Thank you very much.

Ces said...

Crap! Steve! Stop saying you are undeserving of a return visit or comment because you are. Anyway, read my comment :) Hahahahaha! Can't post it here ;)
You see what I mean?

Ces said...

Tammie, I think the reason why you cannot pick up my feelings and thoughts is because I consciously tried to eliminate them from the painting. I meant to paint other animals and objects here but in the end I just thought of what makes me happy. It is very difficult, almost impossible for me to associate the people I love with undesirable things. Love conquers all.

Ces said...

Francisco, my dearest friend, I can totally relate to that. Painting and drawing in a corner would thrill me so and then make me fret that I am not out there doing something else. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. This is the reason why I like drawing. I can take it with me wherever I go.

Ces said...

Andrew, who is your dentist?!!! The lustre in your smile is blinding me! :) Thank you for your comment.

Andrew Finnie said...

My dentist is Liberacie's Sister, Brian LIberacie, (he had a sex change but insisted on keeping his maiden name) She only sees particular clients like myself to keep her hand in....

Hmm, now to the painting. Ahh so serene, the moonlight and all the white calms us, the diagonal ... err

My dear Ces, this is a Zen painting, like the sleeping Gypsy, it;s all abou beauty and balance and enigma,

You know why you need to paint, it's a need in you like some people need to breath or drink alcohol

You are blessed in that your need is constructive and gives joy to other people,

On the other hand, you are cursed with a gift t hat many of us wish were cursed with...

I like this painting, I like the style, the colours and the dynamics, and I like how you have set out the details in the windows below

The best painters have always been obssessed, that's why you are too I am afraid

Andrew Finnie said...

Oh, I used to go in a lot of surf contests, and when I was 'free surfing" away from the comps I used to try really hard, to analyse my movements, to work out what I did wrong and what I did right. I was obssessed with getting better - and I did.

But one day I realised I wasn't enjoying it, I wasn;t relaxed and just having fun. So I gave up the comp surfing and now have fun. I don't surf as well, butwho cares :)

I couldn't see that there is a line between 'practice and 'performance'. When we practice then we ana;yse everything and try and work out things, when we perform we just go with the flow and let nature takes it;c course.

And by performance I mean perform for ourselves, we forget about the "I", we just do 'it',

Don't know if it's realted or anything, but I still had some ink in my typwriter :)

though the spell check i s bwoken

Andrew Finnie said...

ARGH I must say that this is not you at all, and has nothing to do with your painting! I was just blabbing on !

you know me :)

Ces said...

Andrew, I love Henry Rosseau! Especially his paintings of the jungles. Ah That Sleeping Gypsy is one of the very few paintings where he actually used shading.

Ces said...

HAAHAHAHAHA! Oh my goodness, I am so confused. Not a food start to my day. I think I will make it go back to night again and sleep for another three hours.

Ces said...

I think his name was Henri, not Henry.

Ces said...

Ah I am not analyzing, I think, I just want to not want to be possessed. I want to be able to "not care."

Ces said...


Andrew Finnie said...

Goodnight Ces!
Have you seen his paintings in Paris? Musee D'Orsay? They are huge. I saw them while off my face from jet lag. Rooms full of everything I have ever loved in painting. In a dream, how sad :) I call him the customs officer. Beats trying to spell his name.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Beautiful Ces!!!! Simply Beautiful. I love the colors so relaxing and full of like. I need this. How on earth do you come up with all this inspiration! She is magnificent as Bella has said. Girl I am still unpacking and it's going slowly now. I still have boxes to the ceiling in a closet call out to me. In the mean while I have a husband who can't make his own coffee and a daughter who wants mom! It's a lot. I love it though he he he he. Love you too.

Jenea said...

oh Ces!!!! This fantatic picture, remember me about one amazing Katy Perry song - Peacock!!! :]
Dear Ces! I need your help! My sister and I participate in a contest - and we need your vote - so if you do not complicate ... publish on your facebook wall or in a twitter or in blog link to vote! If you want - Vote yourself too (you can vote at the same time on facebook and twitter too! ;}


We will be very grateful!

Steve E said...

HA! #30 comment:

Since you may not get back to read --this is my response to your own comment on that "Spider Web" post last week:

My reaction (looking away from Sinistral Serenade) was totally because I felt--rather, I KNEW--that I am in the presence of GREATNESS when I visit your blog, a.k.a., "Finest Arts Galleria". And that is the truth, like it or not.

Then your philosophies enter the 'picture'...rather they JUMP OUT from the pictures!!

And those RE-MARKS which you ink on mailing envelopes--which I value and keep each one--are over and above, well, all else!

To top it all off are those WHITENED teeth on Andrew Finney, thanks to his dentist, that "other" Brian--Liberace, sweet as she probably is/was..whatever!
Nuff said....


Arija said...

What can I say, I love them all, each and every inch of them!!!
Just keep on amazing us. I adore your Sinistral Serenade, with or without veil and/or chequered dress. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT BUT YOU MANAGE TO MOULD ALL THE DIFFERENT AND SOMETIMES QUITE STARTLING ELEMENTS INTO A COHESIVE WHOLE.


Deborah said...

Oh Ces. I cannot type the words I said upon seeing this masterpiece! Renee could type them. Something about this piece is very special to me...maybe the blues, maybe your sister, maybe the checks. Maybe just you. Must go back and stare some more. Beautiful. **blows kisses** Deb

Deborah said...

Hi! Hello! Came back to stare.
**sigh** Deb