Empire Eukaryota

I have decided to create a new series: The Empire Eukaryota. Just finished the 6th plate.

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Steve E said...

You MUST do a children's book, Ces.
(ANOTHER one?) I listen now as Mommy reads:
"See Lawrence and Louise...here is that big, bad snake who eats little girls and boys....and all lived happily after!"

Whence comes these crazy, wild ideas for drawing, and names like Empire Eukaryota (Sounds like "YOU KARIOKA"...?

I'm just feeling especially cheerful this morning for no reason, so excuse please the "frivolity"--grin!

If I went nowhere else except your blog(s) I would not have time to sleep, well, that's not a good way to put it, since I don't sleep anyway!)

TIME FOR NURSE TO SAY: "You must get your sleep, the organ needs air or it wont play a note! Bach will become Blah...