The Foetid Forest. 14"x17" on Paris Paper

When you draw and paint, you have the ability to capture the truth, express an idea, share a dream, convey a thought, distort reality or make up anything you want. I started this drawing after seeing a very unusual flower on the Facebook group: Handbook of Philippine Plants and Flowers. Not all plants included in this drawing are from the Philippines. After a while, I started including some really foul and other odorous plants and flowers among them the corpse flowers, carrion flowers and fecaloid smelling ones. I also included members of the Fungi kingdom, the stinkhorns. You may recognize Rafflesia arnoldi, Amorphophalus titanum, Symplocarpus foetidus, Hydnora africana among the smelly plants. Stinkhorns include Lysurus periphragmoides, phallus hadriani, Lysurus gardneri, mutinus caninus and mutinus elegans. I also included Passiflora, Nepenthes and an image of the twelve year old staghorn fern, Platycerium superbum, growing in my childhood home.