Diehard Doodler

I finally have a title for this thing and know where it is going, so does it become a drawing now instead of a doodle because it is starting to make sense to me and I am paying attention to it instead of just squiggling while watching all eight Harry Potter movies in a weekend and The Lord of The Rings trilogy in two days?

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Steve E said...

Well, I'd like to get that hand attached ASAP! (Unless it's part OF the message...might a few red blood blotches in the picture suffice?

And why does "dooddler" have a double-d?

Truth is, I laughed so hard upon realizing that your hand was there all alone...

SUCH a talent--SO gifted. We ALL so happy and live better b/c you USE it.
About the hand after all, ya can find a spare
(Be sure to ask for a RIGHT hand, OK? --grin!)