The Empire Eukaryota - Pretenders Among Us

I don't really care much for just a bit, slowly, subtly, indirectly, slightly...I believe in overwhelming, preponderance, overabundance and overdone. Too much. We're talking about ink here, what were you thinking? Pffft! The Empire Eukaryota - Pretenders Among Us. Pen and Ink on 17"x14" Paris Paper.


Steve E said...

On this one, I must weigh in (238 pounds, with shoes!)...I see not "overwhelming or overdone". Rather a "fun" challenge to explore your thinking, linking and inking.

I spend too much time with a magnifier and your art. However, not tensed, but serenely peaceful...as if I SO glad to know someone is more crazy than ME!!!!!! WUNDERBAR

illustration poetry said...

my dearest dearest dearest Grandewitch,

thank you for stopping by my blog, i check my blog every now and then, honestly, i thought everyones gone.
i have been really fine, loving my little family very much. You know how time flies when you have kids, they grow up so fast!
I hope you've been fine too. And i really miss you so much!!!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Amazing amazing. I am just awe-struck...........