What I Fear

Drawing, painting or coloring everyday, one soon finds oneself with many pictures. The greatest enjoyment for me is the act of  "doing". Sometimes, before I am done, I start a new one, just in case the idea escapes my mind. In fact for this project, I have already made rough sketches for 5 drawings and inking in different stages. When I am done with a drawing, I immediately move on to the next. I am drawing a series. When  one does a series, there is usually a theme, something that holds together the individual pieces. When I look at the finished drawings and the new sketches, I sense a sort of apprehension  as I ask myself, "does this drawing look the same as the other?", "is it kitsch?", " most of all, "is it relevant?"

I hope people will feel great discomfort if not ill at ease with this series. I do.

Did you celebrate Valentine's Day? My husband and I had to work on Friday, so after a pre-Valentine's Thursday bouquet (he said he was avoiding the crowds), we spent Saturday together, doing ordinary things, running errands and talking about the solar system, the milky way, the cosmos, universe, earth, sun and moon, stars, God, atheism, religion... all because I told him I read an article where 1 in 4 Americans does not know that the earth revolves around the sun!

On a separate note, my hard drive crashed yesterday. I am restoring the backed up files... So far the count is 39,465 out of  535,441 files. This is going to take days, perhaps more than a week. While my professional job involves computers and computer programs, I only blog with my personal computer. I tried blogging with my phone and even a tablet as I did with this post. My brain revolts

The joy of being quirky.

I am using color!


Rick Forrestal said...

Love the color accents.
Sorry about your hard disk mishap.
Computers are great (when they work.)

Katherine Thomas said...

I love the shadows and light you've created. It's another "wow" piece! But I think I'm going to go back up my blog, you've got me nervous about that now!

Bella Sinclair said...

I read that same frightening fact! And something about a third of Americans not believing in evolution. Which makes me lose hope of convincing people of bad medicine and superstition.

I am bracing myself for your series.

Good luck with the restoration.

Happy President's Day.

Steve E said...

1 in 4 Americans are "revolving" in their own foggy world of weed--grin!

Well, I admit, I have a problem believing the sun just sits there like a light bulb, waiting for us to ring around the rosy. But whatever is--IS, whether I believe in it or not.

THEN I read this last year:

"The Sun does revolve around the Milky Way on an almost circular orbit with a speed of about 220km/s. The Sun completes one revolution in about 230 million years. The Milky Way also moves - we are moving towards our nearest neighbour the Andromeda galaxy and both the Milky Way and Andromeda (which make up most of what we call the 'Local Group of galaxies') are moving towards the Virgo Cluster which is our nearest cluster of galaxies. Nothing seems to stand still at all!"

HAPPINESS IS...Hard Drive failure and owning a backup app.