I Think I Will Begin Again

Such harmful superstitions, hypocritical at best to claim and desire longevity and in the process of achieving such, be reckless and cruel to the point of extinction of species and destruction of others. It does not make any sense, but then again, humans were always selfish and cruel, concerned only of their own survival as a culture, a country, a political entity, a group, a religion, a community, an individual. What kinds of gods and spirits do these people worship? They kill and maim so they can live. You have already ceased to live. You merely exist.

I think...

I don't seek and expect great philosophical discussions here in the blogs, most of all in the hyperactive, attention-deficit, world of social media. I am averse to "Share" and "Like" buttons and I am repulsed by the verb "Friend". 

Now and then a gem of a reaction comment sends me into deep introspection or agitation. It has been a habit of mine for a very long time now, to write everyday, in any form. This blog was once an active part of my introspective process. After several years of blogging, I have met many memorable and unforgettable personalities. I have also met forgettable ones. 

The other day I was reading the log files of my computer's "restore" process. Rows after rows, I saw the names of beloved and dearest friends Rene Khan and Tessa Edwards. Wow. Thank you for the memories. 

I will begin.


I made a mistake. I got caught up in meeting deadlines and expectations so I can publish a finished drawing or painting or contribute to a group. It was never my purpose to do such thing. I don't have deadlines, I don't have expectations. Let me remind myself again that I draw and paint because I can't help it, that I love it and if I end up drawing a lizard or the Sasquatch when I think of a person, that is just fine and dandy. Retrospection. That's fine too but these images in my head are making me dizzy.