So, The Elephant And The Rhino

It was a cold day.
A very cold day.
I put on a black turtleneck,
black corduroy pants,
white socks,
slipped in a pair of burgundy mules.
and went to work.
My feet were cold
so I put on a pair of black riding boots.
I was still cold
so I put on a merino wool sweater over my turtleneck.
During the day, it got colder,
so I put on an orange hoodie over my merino wool sweater
and put on sweatpants over my corduroy pants.
I put on a pair of thick red socks
but my feet won't fit in my mules or riding boots
so I wore a pair of black and red Nike slippers.
I continued working.
The air was cold and my ankles were cold
so I put on a pair of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots.
Later The Viking saw me and asked if I was cold.
I said "yes"
so he raised the thermostat temperature.
I was hot
so I peeled off the layers of clothes I had on.
I drank coffee.
I finished work and logged off.
I was cold
so I decided to go to bed
and covered myself with a soft furry blanket.
It was sooooooo soft and warm.
I stared at the ceiling. It was only seven PM
so I drew...
I fell asleep while drawing 
and I made errant scratch marks.
so I covered the entire foreground with grass.
So boring.

The Elephant And The Rhino. Pen and Ink on 14"x17" Paris Paper.


k.h.whitaker said...

It's really cold here too. We're having the worst ice storm we've had in 10 years. Cold, cold, cold ;) By the way, I love the elephant and the Rhino header makes me stop and stare at it every time I see it.

Rick Forrestal said...

Beautiful work.
I love these magnificent beasts.
(I'm tired of all this cold, too.)

Shirley said...

OH but the grass is so, so, so, so beautiful! Delicate and light..just beautiful. I can feel the cold through your words. Happy that your sweet viking raised the temp a bit..but there's nothing like drifting off in bed. Gosh, your rhinos and elephants are majestic. I wish ALL people could revere them as much as you (and I) do. Sending warm warm thoughts to you!

Bella Sinclair said...

So. An elephant and a rhino walk onto a bristol board....stop me if you've heard this one before.

I love the rhino's hairy ear tips. And I super duper love the way the elephant's trunk dips into the tall grass. Sublime!

Aww, Ces. I pictured you as the Michelin Man under all those layers. :)

Katherine Thomas said...

No, not boring! The grassy foreground creates a mystical, dreamy quality to the piece. I love this drawing! Your work is really unique and creative!

Steve E said...

...and a trunk is sucking up grass seeds--grin!!! LOVE this picture of Elephant and Rhino, like two FB "Friends"...who finally meet!

--an "old" Robot, who accidentally got the numbers right--after 2 tries! (sigh)

Bella's comment--FUNNY!