So, The Elephant And The Rhino

It was a cold day.
A very cold day.
I put on a black turtleneck,
black corduroy pants,
white socks,
slipped in a pair of burgundy mules.
and went to work.
My feet were cold
so I put on a pair of black riding boots.
I was still cold
so I put on a merino wool sweater over my turtleneck.
During the day, it got colder,
so I put on an orange hoodie over my merino wool sweater
and put on sweatpants over my corduroy pants.
I put on a pair of thick red socks
but my feet won't fit in my mules or riding boots
so I wore a pair of black and red Nike slippers.
I continued working.
The air was cold and my ankles were cold
so I put on a pair of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots.
Later The Viking saw me and asked if I was cold.
I said "yes"
so he raised the thermostat temperature.
I was hot
so I peeled off the layers of clothes I had on.
I drank coffee.
I finished work and logged off.
I was cold
so I decided to go to bed
and covered myself with a soft furry blanket.
It was sooooooo soft and warm.
I stared at the ceiling. It was only seven PM
so I drew...
I fell asleep while drawing 
and I made errant scratch marks.
so I covered the entire foreground with grass.
So boring.

The Elephant And The Rhino. Pen and Ink on 14"x17" Paris Paper.