Ignorance, Greed, Hypocrisy and the Irony of Longevity

Ignorance, Greed, Hypocrisy and The Irony of Longevity. Pen and Ink on 14"x17" Paris Paper.
Series: The Plight of the Rhino, Number 2


Wise Ones: So let us unite in our belief and pursuit of longevity. That which enables us to achieve such by ingesting powdered rhino horns. We shall consume vast amounts so that we may empower ourselves with the virtue. Yes, we shall hunt and kill, maim and torture the rhino in Africa, Java, Sumatra and Indonesia for we have already rendered it extinct in Vietnam. So what if the rhino becomes extinct? It is part of the cycle of life and we have the means to pay the ignorant hungry guardians of such beasts; to satiate our greed for longevity beyond and above all means.

Rhino horns grow back, don't they? They will grow back after we hack off their faces, just like humans when their faces and skulls are hacked and scalped."

What do you mean they don't grow back? You mean, they die?

Remember reading in history how the people burned women at the stake because they were accused of witchcraft? People were scared of the power of those women so they burned them alive. That lasted awhile. Who was it among the wise and brave ones who wanted to rid society of witches who said "You know, if we burned every witch, we might run out of women."


The descendant of every man and woman who ingests rhino horn should wear these images of killed and maimed rhinos as their medallions. The hope for a renaissance lies in the strength and ability of humans to eradicate ignorance and superstition; to rise above greed and selfishness; that we lead a life cognizant of the welfare of every living matter. We must protect those whose welfare and well being have been entrusted to us in the circle of life. The idea of living well has nothing to do with being well off. Avoid buying products from nations and people who rape and pillage the earth. They may sell cheap stuff, that is because they have no regard for the production of merchandise, even their own people are abused through inhumane labor practices. 


Bella Sinclair said...

Utterly and completely heartbreaking. If only there were a magic carpet for every magnificent beast.

Bimbimbie said...

I've been thinking back to the mid/late 70's when pamphlets were always being pushed into UK shoppers hands showing graphic photos of animal suffering re health/cosmetic and fashion industries. Anyone brazen enough to wear real fur coats ran the risk of having paint or other substances thrown over them - of course it's taken two generations to recognise what was acceptable then isn't today. Time for a photo bombing over those countries that haven't yet got the message.

Have you heard of Damien Mander and his work in conservation he trains impoverished farmers to become wildlife protectors in the fight against the illegal wildlife crimes. His Ted talk is truly moving and anyone wondering how they can help can get some ideas from his link ... perhaps it's the start of a magic carpet ride for these animals


Paper rainbow said...

This is a cause which I feel passionately for, your art brings the horror to life. Such a tragic waste of such precious lives.

k.h.whitaker said...

Owwwwww, morning tears :( This is sooooooo sad and such a waste of life.

aimee said...

hi ces! beautiful and heartbreaking drawing... your illustrations are always so thought provoking.

p.s. your number/word verification is really making me work for it!

Tammie Lee said...

Amen Ces, amen!
Common sense are your words, not hard to find these truths within the human heart. Life is life is life and all life has the right to live. Although i do eat meat, did not for a quarter of a century, but now i do.

I have heard it said, in ancient texts, that as long as humans eat meat there will be violence in our world. I always remember those words, that thought.

your art is quite moving.