Ceratotherium simum

White rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum. Micro pigment and India ink on 19"x 24" Bristol Board. 

I am unable to scan this oversized drawing because my scanner is limited to 9"x12" images. It took so long to finish this drawing, about two weeks; not that I was impatient but I was just getting weary. Actually I used this drawing project to inspire me to get my work done so I can go home and draw. I carried this drawing back and forth to work in my oversized 20"x26" folio bag. I have become an expert in maneuvering doors. However, one day, I was carrying so many bags; my folio, computer bag, purse, lunch bag and coffee cup. I was also exhausted after a very long workday. I dropped my phone on the parking lot, without my knowledge. An honest person later found it, emailed me and left a voice mail on my work phone. Thank you!!! The photo on the far left is my phone with very own phone case that I received in the mail today from Society 6. :)


k.h.whitaker said...

Just stopping by to say hello to you. I'm just swamped right now, but thinking of you this morning. I hope you are well. I so love the Rhinos. Amazing as always!

Bella Sinclair said...

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mama!

Lisa Graham said...

Ces, congratulations on completing this amazing drawing. It's so large and I cannot comprehend even BEGINNING this massive undertaking. And to do it with such precision!

Your phone case looks beautiful. I love what you wrote for Memorial Day. I love the Desiderata at the top of your blog (thank you for that...had never read it before). I also love all the artists links...they are geniuses...like you. Oh, yes and your nutcracker is just swell. :) TSUP! :)))))