Thank You!

Thank you to the American soldiers who bravely liberated my birth country, the Philippines, from the atrocious Japanese occupation, and enabled my parents to live in peace and raise our family. The world today is dotted with evidences of freedom from tyranny because of America's dedication to democracy. Thank you to my husband's father, grandfathers and uncles who honorably served this great country. Thank you to all American soldiers who continue to dedicate their lives in service to America, my adopted country, for protecting its liberties, so that I may raise my own children in peace. Thank you to the American soldiers' families for sharing your sons and daughters with us, so that my family may live in peace and freedom.


Steve E said...

Yessss. THANK YOU, Soldier-Peeps. How well I can recall those returning guys from Guadalcanal, Iwo, And the Philippine Islands...OH! the memories!
...some friends bloody--still--and hobbling on one leg--or none. Half dozen of my cousins were there, all returned, mostly safe, but with stories--REAL STORIES--to tell us kids.

Today, strange as it may seem--we are even now experiencing the freedoms for which they fought, and died. Will we continue to remember? Are we that far away from reality? Do we like to vote, uninformed--just how we are told by media? What good is a choice (voting) if one is not aware of the options, possible results, and HISTORY...
HIS STORY, as told by the GI, returning from the chaos of war?

(I talk/write too much!)

Ted Blackman said...

And thank you, Ces. This post is refreshing to read after all the negativity toward America in recent years.
btw, I worked with a Filipino artist years ago who was a child when the Americans returned to the Philippines to help drive out the Japanese. He said he was running all over the place during the battle, pointing out the Japanese hiding places to the American soldiers. He said the Japanese didn't catch on because he was just a kid. Too good.