This morning, my husband gasped, covered his mouth in disbelief and stared. He looked alarmed  which scared the heck out of me. 

"What's wrong?!!! I asked in panic. 

"It's our anniversary" he replied. 

I gasped and screamed, "OH MY gaaaaaahhD!!!"

Both he and I completely forgot. Today is our anniversary. Twenty seven years!!! Still in love with and loving each other. I will take this as a positive sign. Both he and I have been extremely busy with home, work, community, H.O.A. and school activities. We have been working very long hours these past few months. Yesterday I started work at 5:30 in the morning to implement several projects. When I got home I fell asleep in the couch while watching the news and talking to the children, in my suit! By 7PM I was asleep in bed. I finally woke up feeling rested this morning. This evening we are going to watch our daughter sing in a talent show. It will be a nice anniversary celebration. We are parents of two wonderful young people and for that we are blessed. I am married to a good, kind and loving husband and a very good father. Everyday is worth celebrating.

P.S. I asked my husband if I can post this. He replied: "What is it? I am busy doing dishes right now." Okay then, I will make an executive decision. I am posting this without his consent. :) Happy Anniversary! :)

...and in between, I draw. :)


Rick Forrestal said...

You didn't forget.
This blog post is proof.
Don't sweat the small stuff -- the big stuff is 27 years together!
Congratulations to you both.

illustration poetry said...

yeayyyy congratsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hugs to you ♥

Tammie Lee said...

there is something so sweet about this
a mother child connection

sweet sweet anniversary to you two!

a bright smile to you!

dosankodebbie said...

Congratulations, Ces. This cheerful post makes me feel warm all over.

Arija said...

Happy, happy, happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!
So nice to see two people with busy lives still happy with each other.
Love the drawing and crossed fingers for the talent show!

Lisa Graham said...

Happy Anniversary Ces to you and your husband! I hope your daughter's song is extra-super-pretty for you both. I am sure it will be! I am chuckling about you BOTH forgetting it was your anniversary. After 27 years, I can see why this would happen. We do get comfortable (and busy) don't we? Blessings to you and your family Ces!

Bella Sinclair said...

27 is a magic number. They add up to nine. Happy Anniversary to you lovebirds!

What is in that candy bowl? They look like pink and white happy pills. And one lollipop. Tsup!


Happy Anniversary! Wish you both good health and more years of happiness. :)

Rod MacGregor said...

Hey happy anniversary Ces!!...........Hes a lucky guy too!