May Your Mother Keep Her Horn Until Death And Beyond

Black Rhinoceros. Diceros bicornis. Micro pigment and India ink on 19"x24" Bristol Board.

First of all, Happy Mother's Day. The everyday role of a mother is sometimes done by an aunt or a grandmother because a child's mother may have passed away or she has to travel far from home to earn a living. To all the good mothers in the world who work hard to raise their children to do their best and to be good and kind citizens, thank you. I repeat what I said yesterday and what I think and believe since I was old enough to have some sense. I know others may feel the same and that is just wonderful. I had the best mother. For that, I was born rich. Though we were lacking in material things when I was growing up, I had everything I needed to be me, the most vital of all, a wonderful mother, the best. I miss my mother. I think of her everyday. She continues to inspire and guide me. Thank you Nanay.

To my children who give me so much happiness, joy and pride, thank you. To my loving husband who helps make that all possible, thank you!

To the rhinoceros: Such a dangerous and huge undertaking just to stay alive and keep what nature has granted you. Your horn costs more than cocaine, gold and diamond. With so many little ignorant men and women halfway across the world in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries salivating at the sight of your horn, costing as much as $65,000.00 per kilogram, people who are supposed to live with you and protect you, instead, poach you, leaving you to die. In 2011, the Javan rhino was officially declared extinct in Vietnam. The last rhino killed by a poacher. In April, all the rhinos in the Mozambican region of the Great Limpopo Park were killed by poachers...they were the last 15 of a total of 300 - all killed by poachers with the help of corrupt rangers. Will the ignorance of the people in countries like Vietnam, China and people elsewhere who believe in traditional quack Chinese medicine hasten your extinction? Yet there are scientists who believe that legalizing rhino horn trade will be the only way to stop your extinction. What about a death penalty for all poachers and criminal merchants of rhino horn? 

Will the rhinoceros have a future?

This 19"x24" pen and ink drawing on Bristol Board is first in a series of four drawings I am doing for my son who thinks rhinoceros are cool animals.


Rick Forrestal said...

Thank you for your sketches, and your words.
Happy Mother's Day.

Bella Sinclair said...

It's amazing what you can accomplish with just a nib and some ink! Absolutely awe-inspiring and beautiful. Those photos are sad and maddening. Maybe the poachers should have half their faces shorn off and left in the jungle before being executed. I remember, as a new mom, thinking that I would be fierce in providing safety for my kids and feeling frightened at the realization that sometimes that is not possible.

Happy Mother's Day. xoxoxo

Kathie Brown said...

Ces, what a sad and tragic story. I do so wish there was a way to stop this. How I wish there were people who cared more for nature than for money! Your illustrations are a beautiful tribute to this magnificent beast.

Mauricio Abril said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! I hope you had a great one, and I wish you and your family continued happiness, Ces!

Rod MacGregor said...

Hey Ces...Nice illustration...great to see your work in progressive stages! Rhinos...that is sad..I wish bad things to all who deal/buy/poach horns.

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thanks to YOU, you are an inspiration, i think i'll keep my blog okay bye love

illustration poetry said...

I listened to your advice


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