There is Only One Place We Can Call Home

What a busy weekend to cap a busy week. It was also a very sad week for America. Our prayers are with everyone affected by the terrorist act in Boston, especially the victims and their families. Yesterday my daughter won the regional University Interscholastic League in journalism, feature writing competition. She will represent her school, district and region at the state competition in May. So, what have we been up to aside from work and school? Errands, lots of errands, cleaning, cooking, gardening, barbecuing, weeding, digging, planting...just being together as a family. Got my daily dose of Vitamin D today and a lot of exercise. Gardening and yard work is hard labor, but look, it's early spring and we have tomatoes, oranges, peas and flowers peeking and sprouting. We are preparing to start another busy week. 

Tomorrow is EARTH DAY! Be kind to earth, it is our only home. Be kind to the animals who suffer in the hands of evil poachers and selfish individuals. Please help by giving to the many organizations that provide safe haven for these animals and help third world governments combat poaching. 

Plant a tree!!!  Plant a garden, in the yard or in in pots on the windowsill.

Protect and preserve life, especially those who cannot defend themselves.

If you want to become informed about our earth, without the politics and cover-ups, visit the Blacksmith Institute. Make it a habit to read their website. You may not think that you can do much to solve the massive problems on earth but getting informed does make a difference.

To my children: Long time ago, I resolved to be like my mother in the way she viewed the earth. Now it's my turn to do it for you so that when your time comes, you will do it for your children. Everyday, many ordinary people do ordinary things that do not get published, posted or told yet, these little acts are extraordinary in the way they affect our future, our environment and our way of life. It always starts with one individual, in the home.  We do things even if it take extra effort, because it is the right way. Thank you.

Have a good and peaceful week everyone. We are grateful for our blessings. God bless us all, God bless America, God bless our earth.


Lisa Graham said...

Lovely heart-felt post Ces! I've bookmarked the link, thank you.

Mauricio Abril said...

Nice post, Ces and I love your collaged photo display. It's cool seeing a peek at you making your art as well as the life-filled pictures of plants and animals. It's fits the Earth Day vibe very well :)

k.h.whitaker said...

Hugs Ces!!!

Steve E said...

Yep. Still here. Continuing to read your interesting and timely essays...and enjoy them. And the elephants. And the rhinoceroses. And the Acorns, I miss the nuts, since they have their own site now...and I don't even get to participate in the smallest of ways--a comment.

("When did YOU ever write a "small" comment", she says!)

Hey, just dropped by to say "Hi" and see if anyone else I know is lurking around here tonight!
--another "Bald-Headed Baby"