I Love Elephants

I love elephants because they remind humans the true meanings of "wild" and "savage" and who is truly wild and who is truly savage.

P.S. I wrote a very long poem called "Wild And Savage" last week to accompany this illustration which I originally wanted to post last Sunday for IF's "Wild" theme. After the incident this week, I decided not to post it. Even though the poem contained things that I knew happened in the past, some lines appear to portend what happened in Boston and it frightened me. Perhaps it may be that history really repeats itself.

Elephants. Pigment and India ink on 11" x 14" Bristol Board.

Looks pretty cool when framed, ey? I put up prints for sale through Society6Prints are available unframed or framed. Please do not buy any of my work just to please me because I do these drawings for personal pleasure. I normally give the originals to people I love. The print profits are very minimal PLUS I pledged to donate profits I get from my wildlife prints to the many animal conservation organizations I follow and support. So thank you for helping me save from extinction, the animals I love.


Rick Forrestal said...

This piece is truly fantastic. Love the composition.
And I've always loved elephants.

We'll wait for the poem.
Timing is everything.

Sleepshort said...

I like this post.
It's too bad that we have to be so careful about what we post. I do the same, and yet consider all my posts to be fun - not controversial at all. But I prefer political correctness over callousness and indifference. You did the right thing - be proud.
Have a nice day.

Ces said...

Thank you Rick. Too much emotions this week.

Ces said...

Thank you for your comment. How interesting! I did not post my poem because it was talking about bombings and terrorists and for a moment it seemed clairvoyant, but of course it could be any other bombing. It also mentioned about people lying and being politically correct! Of course I hate political correctness. I consider political correctness as an infectious disease that prevents us from thinking logically, instead propels us to institute nonsensical and punitive policies. In truth, a pig is a pig, terrorists maim and kill innocent people and are not "freedom fighters. A terrorist attack is not a "workplace incident" and killing our ambassadors and envoys and burning our embassies in Benghazi was not a spontaneous reaction to a video.

k.h.whitaker said...

So beautiful, I love this so much.

Ces said...

Thank you Karen. I hope you are well. Tsup!

Rod MacGregor said...

I thought I commented on this...But I must have been mistaken!!...This is beautiful!!..... I love elephants!