Do you know what a group of rhinoceros is called? A crash! There are only five remaining rhino species: White, Black, Indian, Sumatran and Javan. The Javan rhino is the most endangered rhino species in the world. Poachers kill and maim rhinos for their horns which the Chinese and Vietnamese use in traditional medicine. Rhino horn has no medicinal value. It is made of the same material as human toenails or fingernails - keratin. The Javan rhino officially became extinct in Vietnam in 2011. There are few remaining in Indonesia.

On my drawing board: Drawing a new elephant herd on 19"x24" Bristol board...

Most Endangered Animal Species In The World

A North American bird so endangered it may actually be extinct
The world’s rarest cat: Only 40 left in Russia’s Far East
No more than 60 of these swamp-dwelling Asian rhinos exist
Here’s the scarcest of Madagascar’s fast-dwindling lemur species
Hunted to near extinction, 350 right whales still swim the Atlantic
Disease and illegal hunting are taking an alarming toll on this gentle giant of a primate
The population of the world’s largest turtle is dropping at an alarming rate
The world’s biggest cat weighs as much as 300 kilos (660 pounds)
Humans are eating the world’s largest amphibian into extinction. Read: Eating Habits Of South China Driving Endangered Animals To Extinction
Samoa’s little dodo bird is in immanent danger of following the large dodo into extinction.



Tam Hess said...

Love reading your posts and seeing your work Ces! LOVE LOVE your crash!! xoxo

Mauricio Abril said...

Your crash would make an excellent and unique wallpaper pattern, especially in a kid's room. Also very cool to see your upcoming herd. Thanks for the fact of the day - Crash! Gotta go show my friends how smart I am, hehe.

Rick Forrestal said...

Crash! Ha -- somehow that fits a gang of rhinos.
I really like your new "animals in danger" series . . .

martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Ces,
Tes troupeaux sont une belle lutte contre ces braconniers méprisables...
J'aimerais tant qu'il n'existe plus de liste d'espèces en voie de disparition... On pourrait toutefois y ajouter ton nom ma chère amie, car il existe peu d'artiste comme toi avec tel talent et une belle et noble sensibilité.
Gros bisous

Ted Blackman said...

Your rhinos look cool that way, as a pattern. They would make great gift wrapping paper, and no rhinos would be hurt in the process. I like Mauricios suggestion for wallpaper, too.