Lysurus periphragmoides

This weekend I was trying to finish several random illustrations. However, I have always wanted to draw the mushroom called the Death Cap (Amanita phalloides). A. phalloides is a California mushroom. They are gregarious under Quercus agrifolia. The oak and mushroom have a symbiotic relationship. While drawing A. phalloides, I started reading about mushrooms. If you have been following me for a while, I have always been fascinated by mushrooms and have drawn several species in the past. I have been trying to find a happy medium: pen and ink is my favorite but it is limited in truly depicting a sample specimen. I put colored highlights on the pen and ink. It's okay. I am not too thrilled. Anyway while studying super fungi and ectomychorroizal properties, I chanced upon "stinkhorns". OH MY GOODNESS!!! Amazing. The metaphorical opportunities are endless. You know while drawing these specimen I thought of a certain politician who attracts flies, just like these specimen. They stink, they have foul smelling secretions you can smell them before you see them. Flies and bugs love them and they are responsible for spreading the seeds of these stinkhorns. Ah, God has a great sense of humor.

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Fungi

Subkingdom: Dikarya

Division: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Phallales

Family: Phallaceae

Genus: Lysurus

Species: L. periphragmoides

Binomial Name: Lysurus periphragmoides (Klotzsch) Dring


Rick Forrestal said...

This is special.
Not used to seeing colors in your sketches.

Ces said...

Thank you Rick, Color pencil is soooooo difficult. I have been trying for years. :)

Steve E said...

OK, ya forced me to look up "speimen"...unsurprisingly, any words I google always come up to mean something exotic or esoteric.

Insect Speimen - Wood-Boring Weevil Snout Beetle (Sipalinus hypocrita) Guy in Hong Kong is selling @ $5.99 USD each. Free Shipping. ($5.99--WHAT kind of price is THAT?)

I used to spend loads of time picking our favorites of your work...had to quit that, stopped practicing violin, there are just TOO MANY favorite of mine. You are TOO GOOD in so many ways, directions. Gotta go, Ces.

Gonna give ya a call one of these nights B4 the moon sets...hey a full one coming in couple days?

martinealison said...

Je suis tout comme toi fascinée par les champignons... j'adore aller à la cueillette des champignons en automne. C'est peut-être la seule raison qui me fait apprécier cette saison. Celle que je préfère est bien celle du printemps !...
Ton champignon, je ne le connais pas ! Se consomme-t-il ? Sa tête ressemble à nos morilles.
Un très joli dessin.
J'ai pensé à toi... je me trouvais dans le Var et j'ai pu admirer des chênes vert, des chênes blancs et des chênes-lièges...
Une merveille !
Je te fais de gros bisous.

dosankodebbie said...

One thing I always think about your illustrations is that none is truly random. They are all delicately connected to each other and to your life. You will never do a "random" illustration.

k.h.whitaker said...

ooooooh, color! Beautiful and delicate, I love it Ces.

Mauricio Abril said...

Wow, you always seem to get a great textural quality to your work! I totally dig this piece. It's simple in its graphic read, but you can tell there was a lot of time and attention put into the execution. By the way, am I pronouncing your name right - Ces as in the last syllable of excess?

Bella Sinclair said...

This one seems to have gotten too much sun. Or too much something. Growing in California will do that to you, I guess.


Rod MacGregor said...

Hahaha God has a great sense of humour!!!! True....Nice work Ces...My favourite medium as you know is also pen and ink...but the only coloured inks other than black that I have are blue and various browns (which I love because of the tonal variety)...and I just love colours so much....I too am tempted to add more colours sometimes, but can't seem to leave it too long before I find myself back in my world of black and white....God has got a sense of humour!!