A Storm Is Brewing...

A storm is brewing
There will be war
A revolution
And you did not do what 
Your mother told you to do 
About the laundry...


Bella Sinclair said...

You know, you have me clinging to the edge of my desk. I do not want to get blown away! I hope the winds have at least blown the clothes dry. Whooooosh!

Steve E said...

Hey, I've been out IN the 'storm'. You've put the very FEELING into this drawing, Ces!
And....hang onto that tree, girl. It won't stop the war--
but it WILL allow you to
observe how wars are run
how they are lost and won
and "Why? Why? WHY?"
Keeping your stockings dry
(as if that matters
while blood splatters)....

Yup, I can also go where the wind blows ill
or hide me over the next green hill.

Good Night!
Thanks for letting us back in, Ces!

Rod MacGregor said...

Thats a good time to start tree hugging Ces...Is that the washing blowing away?!!!

k.h.whitaker said...

When I lived on the coast in Alabama as a child, we use to have storms like this, with all the trees practically laying on the ground. I use to be so afraid of those storms but my grandparents would stand at the huge picture window and watch it with fascination. Thank you, I love remembering them like that. I really love the header image Ces. It is just beautiful.

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is lovely Ces art with a hidden meaning...perhaps at your kiddos for not doing their laundry? :) xo