Love And Hate In The Summer

Are you having fun? I hope so. Over here I am overwhelmed by work, especially this week. I have twelve rule modules to write before the end of the week. Never mind that I have already prepared a series of rule modules for production yesterday for two projects going live next week and the next. 

However, it's work and it's good. Also this month, having to vacate my corner office with wall to wall windows for another corner office with wall to wall windows. I love windows, although what I have seen outside my windows are a series of storm clouds and lightning in between severe heat and humidity. 

My manager is retiring this week; a very good analyst and manager. She helped me do my best for my family and enabled me to do a good job at work during difficult and challenging times. I don't think I could have worked anywhere where I had to give short notice and leave for overseas, return and in three days leave work again for another overseas flight and then four months later another overseas flight. It speaks a lot about the company I work for but sometimes immediate managers and directors greatly influence a good working atmosphere. I am grateful. Good luck, S. I enjoyed everyday we worked together and will miss you. Thank you very much for everything. Our new manager is  one of our fellow teammates who also happens to be a wonderful person and a terrific analyst. He is the youngest in our team but has our overwhelming support. 

In the meantime I had the worst experience with Apple. I HATE MOUNTAIN LION!!! For the first time, I hate Apple products. I now have a very expensive MacBook that is basically functionally useless other than email and web surfing. Even surfing sucks. I cannot print, I cannot scan, I cannot edit photos with my favorite program. I cannot watch videos with Safari, only in Chrome. It was supposed to be fast and eliminate bouncing icons. Now I have more bouncing icons when I open an application. It crashed my iPod forcing me to factory reset it. I lost thousands of photo files from a different computer I no longer have. Okay, so the photos are on Carbonite and discs but having them on my iPod was nice - lost that! I hate Apple support - non existent. It wants you to read user sites. I don't want to deal with strangers?! Now I have to use two computers, Microsoft Windows to do the important work and Mac for email and reading blogs. I am so frustrated. AAAARRRRGGGHHH! 

It's as if I found this really great tasting beef jerky except I lost all my teeth!

Not everything is bad.

Since I cannot scan might as well make the most of it. I am drawing larger pieces! 14"x17" and another thing...color!!! Yes, I am using colored pigment ink. Uh oh... :) A new series called Cadena de Amor. Let Google translate the meaning. Some details below. I am on my fifth 14"x17" illustration. Also new approach, more white spaces and stepping out of my comfort zone.



Tam Hess said...

Hi Ces! I really like to see what you're up too! Lots and lots, yay!! Hope work slows down for ya tho. LOVE LOVE the drawings. The vines catching the girls ankle is awesome. The color is great. I have nothing new to share, yet! I will SOON I'm doing things just not good at documenting the doing. :) hugs!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Wonderful works here Ces...love the touch of color...and as always your amazing detailed work!!!

Ted Blackman said...

Hey do more of the color inking, that's really cool.

You moved from one windowed, corner office to yet another one? Try not to think about all the sad people stuck in dark cubicles, you poor thing. ha ha

k.h.whitaker said...

oh, oh, oh, i love the colored ink! gloriously beautiful.
Want me to ask Maura about your computer issues? If so just email me. She decided not to update my operating system. Did you make a back up before updating it?
She just got a job at National Geographic but is staying on with apple part time. She's home with an injured leg today,so I can actually talk to her for more than five minutes. LOL
While they were here visiting this last weekend the truck door hit her leg and caused a puncture wound. They were packing the car to leave and we had to take her to the ER instead. She's fine of course, but too much standing and walking was causing the skin to tear around the wound. :O

Steve E said...

About your Apple thing...is it like having a really good violin,
with three of the four strings broken?

Re the ink...WOW! That is the one (fiddle) string your apple still has,
it puts out good color, the same you put it...

Concerning job. All is great, but there will be changes. Maybe like...
a rule that Ces can draw and make personal call while on the clock. HAHAHAA!
(That is when she's not on a plane flying to a foreign country!--grin!)

These drawing have a whole new aspect, show you working in that other direction.
Your drawing characteristics may change, but your art philosophy will not change (Also GOOD!)
because it IS YOU, your heart and soul, sweat and salty water which is expressed in many/most works.
Yet, OH! How utterly unique each piece, which allows me to love each one separately, and not with
the same kind of loving understanding...that is, the three times WHEN I understood--MAYBE! LOL!
Dear Lady.

audrey said...

Hi Ces.
I LOVE the color. Some of the photos above remind me of Klimt's work. You are good, Ces!!
I'm sorry you are having computer problems. That always upsets me when the computer is not running smoothly. I am not as computer savvy as you, so it is worse for me when something goes wrong. Gosh, I was supposed to call you eons ago about photo sizing. Where does the time go? Now, I can no longer download photos on my sidebar, thus no photo of me. AGHHHH!!!!!! I need to do some investigating. Anyway, I have gotten way off track.
I hope you enjoy your new office and your new manager. I know you will get your rule modules done ~ you always do. And you can multi~task like no other, so you create gorgeous drawings along with getting work done.
I love the above drawings, Ces. Especially the one in the paisley skirt (even though there are little creatures climbing all over her). I suppose, though, that they are friendly little guys.
♥ audrey