Electron microscope scanning image of Cessinymphalopoda trapped in a pocket of lipid cells. It has two varieties: conservativa and liberalis. This is C.imprimis conservativa. a harmless organism with a propensity to wander off to environments causing adverse effects to its survival. It has a slightly basic pH level but has been found in  places where no organisms have ventured due to high acid pH levels. It is able to survive even in extremely inverse conditions because of traits deemed desirable by its host therefore suppressing the host's tendency to reject foreign bodies.  It is equipped with a thick membrane but can be invaded through a section of the anterior membrane which is porous. C.imprimis is inhaled by the host and travels through the blood vessels where it eventually finds it way in the heart muscles. Although it is not harmfull it has a tendency to nick the sensitive organ. It eventually gets neutralized and liquified then released through the tear ducts.


  • My work revolves around logic and reasoning, cause and effect, process analysis and critical thinking. I like my work.

  • Sometimes in life we are forced to make decisions that may not be as blameworthy as the vices yet neither praiseworthy as the virtues.

  • Why am I faced with emotional upheaval when I come here? So unnecessary. This blog has always been peppered with my personal thoughts, tastes and opinions. I aim to be forthright, not vying for the most popular title or a level of appeasement. Some people will not agree with my politics. I have no desire to change their minds. Each of us will have to live with and, or regret our choices.

  • I am a conservative and believe in conservative principles. Conservatism to me is not merely a political manifest.

  • I sometimes feel at odds here. You see I relish discourse but it is impossible today. Our society has never been more polarized. We have become political partisans instead of thoughtful and prudent citizens.

  • I have been regarded as a racist because I disagree with this president's policies because I am not black. If I were black I will be regarded as an Uncle Tom, or is there a female version of that? The word "extreme" is used because I  disagree with liberal premises - attack the person instead of discussing ideas.

  • Recent events have prompted me to change my style. It is a learning curve and not always easy. 

  • This morning I contemplated what I would do if made to choose between loving and living. Aren't they mutually inclusive?

  • I am a perpetual student of history. I’d rather read the Federalist papers or Jefferson's and Adam's correspondence more than the current day best seller. If I do read the latter, it will be about history. Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Mrs. Bixby will induce my tears over any sentimental romance novel.

  • Sometimes I feel like screaming on top of the world and proclaim my joy and happiness, but I also feel the agonizing pain of missing my sister. There is an overbearing sadness in my heart and yet I find it comforting. If you don’t get it, it’s understandable. Very few people do.     
  • My blog’s readability quotient is not very promising. I have been called a “nerd” by my daughter’s teacher. Okay a cute nerd, but a nerd nevertheless. Its reading grade level is equivalent to that of the Wall Street Journal. The only higher level is an academic paper, hardly something to covet for a blog about painting and drawing. In order to make it readable, I have to target a fifth grade reading level.. What did you read when you were in fifth grade? By then I knew Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope, so then I have heard of microbes. I collected seashells, so I was familiar with Cypraea moneta, although we called them money cowrie instead. As children, we played with them; actually gambled with them on the concrete pavements and alleys. What is so elevated about simple facts?

  • I have an aversion to social networking. I actually feel embarrassed about my number of Facebook “friends.” It is not many by Facebook's standards. In real life, I have my family, my best friend and a few close friends. These are the people with whom I will consult important matters, listen to and value their opinions. Nevertheless, there is enjoyment to be had from reading updates from former classmates. We have common histories; studied, lived or worked together for years. We shared victories and tragedies. Yes, it is nice to meet new friends, but my rules about using the term “friend” are stringent. To me a friend is a noun, not a verb,  A friend is an end goal, not a means.

  • Several of you have asked about the disabled comment option. I miss hearing from you, most certainly. Sometimes it saddens me and I long for my usual ways. However, I also enjoy not reading comments from so called Anonymous, who lately has been very creative in luring gullible users to surreptitious websites. I will open it for this post. Goodness knows, someone dear will give me a piece of his mind.

  • As a child my mother told me to be with good people whose values I share and to let virtue be the underlying foundation of any relationship. That or be alone.  I told my best friend the other day, an admirer of the liberal socialist president of this republic, and whose policies I so disdain, that I will choose her over any other ten conservatives.

  • Yes, I will choose love.


Julie-ann Bowden said...

You know, your art speaks volumes of the world in and out of us! Brilliant art!

Rick Forrestal said...

Oh good, I can talk . . .

I love today's illustration, a mixed media of sorts. Made me smile.
And I'm so glad you "choose love."

C.P.Adorio said...

Thank you Julie-ann. My art is a manifest of me. So is yours.

C.P.Adorio said...

Hahaha! I know! I had to open it up for this one. Thank you Rick.

Cindy D. said...

Ces! I have promised myself to stay out of politics and religion in the art blogging area of my life, and so I shall continue (though I do sometimes struggle when I read opinions that seem very contrary to my own experience!)

In addition to other things, it seems you're going through a bit of a crisis of art, but I think you'll pull through! Your work has always been quite spectacular and I (and loads of others, clearly) would be sad if you stopped posting it for us to see.

My favorite are the magical woodlands with their exotic landscapes, plants and beasts in all their intense detail. But really it's all terrific.

Take a deep breath, turn off the news for a spell? ;)

Bella Sinclair said...

Hmm, the lifecycle of C. Imprimis seems a little sad. But what a wild ride, eh?

Come to think of it, the civil war and civil rights movement were pretty polarizing. As was the Team Jacob and Team Edward thing. Go figure.

Choose love. Chosen. Tsup!

Steve E said...

Ces, FYI...

Uncle Tom
Aunt Tomato
(Sometimes referred to as "Auntie Tamale"
by some of her (ahem!) younger friends,
when with their peers--grin!)

C.P.Adorio said...

Hahahahahah! I almost got kicked out of a meeting when I received your comment on my phone. Hahahahah! I love you. Ooops. I think that is the first time I ever said that to you. I mean after your comment, I don't care if your real name was Stella. Hahahahah! Back to work. Tsup!

Steve E said...

OK...NOW I'm ready, having read the post top to botto..er..end. Well, to its conclusion.

I love to live
Live to love.
Gosh, that was simple. Oh oh, here comes the hard-core stuff:

SO MUCH TRUTH here: "...liberal socialist president of this republic." How many Peeps who vote realize we are NOT a democracy? We are a REPUBLIC which stands for certain inalienable rights, one of which is NOT governmental "Medical Care".

And I shall NEVER understand how talented, learned, astute Peeps cannot remove the curtain which keeps truth hidden from their eyes. Debt means somebody OWES--in our case, somebody who cannot pay--US! Oh well, let's go back to "Live and Love"...but VOTE, knowledgeably DAMMMMIT!

Steve E said...

Go on, Ces...scream "...and proclaim my joy and happiness." Joy mingled with sadness reminds me of Jesus, who wept, when he heard his friend (can't remember the guy's name) died. But Jesus did not make appointment with a psychiatrist, to get some calming meds.

Imagine that, I'm finally dead, and Somebody comes along and says, "STEVE...ARISE"...Hey I had finally gotten off this whirling sphere, now gotta go BACK? WAAAIT A MINUTE here, Kingfish!

CES! When you 'give up' 10 conservative friends for your 1 special SISTER-friend "B", please let me be #11 Conservative friend, OK? I could be #99, that sounds safe?

Steve E said...

SEE WHAT HAPPENS when you uninstall comments? I save up all this gibberish, which might have seemed plausible if written piecemeal.--grin!

Here am I, "...trapped in a pocket of lipid cells." But I've got still one more point...er...pointer, ummmm, STATEMENT!

Since i am writing comments to a racist (I'm a grt, grt, grt, grt, grt grandson of Attila. "Vee Chermansss schtik close by togeddah".)

Your racism--I'll be careful here. Is it all Peeps who have white mothers, like the president? Or is it Germans who have Irish mother, or Filipino who have tall US Marine with big nose for grandfather? You getting my drift, or is it 'draft'?

I'm leaving now, with a suspicion that comment will be disabled before the sun sets in California....Don't know WHY California.
TSUP, to you Dear Ces--and ALLLLL your peeps!
--Stella--NO! I mean --Steve

C.P.Adorio said...

OMG! Stella, you are too much.

C.P.Adorio said...

No.1 is okay?

k.h.whitaker said...

Hmmmm; I'm at a loss for words ;) I love the illustration and the little bodies trapped in the cells. I can relate to it, I have felt trapped in a globules mass from time to time myself. (((HUGS))) Ces!