Vibrio Cholerae

Domain: Bacteria, Phylum: Proteobacteria, Class: Gammapreteobacteria, Order: Vibrionales, Family: Vibrionacea, Genus: Vibrio, Species: Vibrio Cholera

My first encounter with anything related to cholera was on the first day of my assignment as a student nurse at the isolation pavilion of our affiliate hospital. I was 18 years old and in my junior year. The place was dark, old and smelly. There in one room was a Wasserman bed. It had a hole in the middle and a bucket underneath to collect the diarrhea of the potential cholera patient. I thank God that we never had a patient with cholera then. The word "cholera" alone, sounded so terrifying.

Vibrio cholerae is a gram negative, comma-shaped bacterium, which is facultatively anaerobic. It has a flagellum at one cell pole. It is the  cause of the cholera disease.

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I know, no comments, what's up with this, you say. It's a good thing I think. I appreciate your visits and I hope you enjoy the microorganisms. Sometimes when I draw some of them I actually recall smells, remember the pain and the horrible looking situations. Stay cool! Tsup!