Sunday, October 10, 2010

Come Fly With Us!!!

Dedicated to my Beloved Sisterfriend, Karin Bartimole.
Artist extraordinaire; Brave - Bold - Beautiful - Bald and Beloved; Most Worthy.
Please wish Karin the best as she fights cancer.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Drawing transports my mind into certain stratosphere with no holds barred. This is my entry for Illustration Friday's theme - Transportation. Pigment ink on 9"x12" Bristol Board. The Magic BBB Club Transporter currently holds (L to R) Ces, Sgt-at-Arms - because I write rules for a living, steering the stalk; Bella Sinclair, Mental Ninja and Brainiac Artist (president with squirt-star medal); Deborah, The Midlife Poet (Born with beautiful blond curls) who will teach us how to dance before we can walk; Amalia, The Constant Dreamer, who draws like a dream, trying to steady Anne Huskey Lockard, The Passionate Artist, who seems like she is mooning everyone but is adjusting the BBB Club Yearbook; Silke Powers, Beautiful Eyes, who wants peace and quiet; Lakhsmita Indira, The Enigmatic Beautiful designated coifed cheerleader; Karin Bartimole, The Brave, hoisting the turbo paint brush; Vanessa Brantley Newton who is Ooh La la baking illustrations and a cake but is using the spatula to squish the spider; Caroline Soer, Truly Beautiful Baby With Hair and water-colorist supreme; Arija The Gentle Wise and Learned who knows everything about oak and poison oak and prevent us from getting contact dermatitis and Manon Doyle, The Beautiful, practicing her mountain climbing skills. If I did not include you I may just be a little embarrassed sending you this inquiry email: "This is short and quick but were you bald when you were a baby?" Please join us!!! Boys welcome but don't bring frogs and lizards. Sisterfriends are automatically welcome but I did not want to assume that you would like being called "baldie".

Come Fly With Us
Join The BBB Club Today!!!

BBB as in Beautiful Bald Babies Club. All you have to be is nice. Of course you have to have been born bald and beautiful. However, we will give exceptions if you had certain curlicues or wads of kewpie strands as long as you understand what we, genuine baldies had to endure while growing up. We were given names like "General Ike", "Baldie", "Calvolite", "Melonhead" and the dreaded "Boy". Our parents did not seem to think much of it. They did not glue silly ribbons to our bald pate to tell everyone we were girls, as if boys are automatically born bald, which they are not. At any rate, I think growing bald or kewpie, instilled and fortified us with certain inner strengths and taught us when to let go or when to beat the living crap out of your bully. The painting on the left is the 30"x40" oil on gallery stretched canvas painting of The Ivory Babies, also known as The Mud Pie Babies.

About the pen and ink drawing: I had to think of something that moves and as I looked through my illustrations I saw several drawings that would have qualified such as Renee's Gypsy Wagon Madisyn's Birthday Flight and The Sisterfriend Day Celebration. Ah it seems I have a propensity for making oak leaves fly. They don't. Oak leaves float as they fall from the tree to the ground. However, The oak leaf transport system you see above is propelled by the magic energies and spirits of its passengers, in this case the beautiful bald babies and their not so bald friends. They don't have wings and therefore have to go to sleep in order to sustain their magic flying dust levels which is gauged by the liveliness of a butterfly designated for each baby. See why they don't squish the caterpillar? That's a future baldie baby energometer. So it is imperative that members of the BBB Club encourage and support each other to maintain healthy and happy lifestyles just in case it is their turn to steer the oak leaf stalk. This transportation system is biodegradable and does not use fossil fuel, just a lot of imagination.

So come and join the BBB Club. Simply leave a comment and indicate whether you were a baldie. If you were not a baldie and still want to join, you have to be nice and be creative or play a musical instrument or be a terrific dancer, scuba diver, photographer, etc... Baby Boys are welcome. Also we have an opening for the Bug Squashier/Squishier position, but you must show restrain and not arbitrarily squash/squish any bug, just the ones crawling towards us. We will create a Yearbook and maybe ask our president to illustrate a seal, not that seal, a club seal - logo!