Quercus Falcata and The Winners

This is a new series that I started two days ago. This is a pigment ink drawing on a 9"x12" Bristol Board. I started inserting copyright text on some of my drawings, though not all. I hate it actually but I have a particular feeling about this series being lifted without my knowledge. I am still continuing the other series I started such as the 200 Plus Oak leaves and Acorn Series, The Fiesta (oil painting) series... Life is short, might as well get busy.

I am very happy to announce the winners of my Give-Away:

Julia Christie
Amalia K.
Diana Evans
Barbara G.
Jack Foster
Autumn Leaves

Please drop me a line and email me your mailing address. If you are giving me a P.O. Box, please know that the package measures at least 9" x 12". Due to customs requirements, I do not think I can send to a P.O. Box, if you live across the ocean. I will email you when I have mailed your package. Thank you for participating. Update 8/23/2010: I was able to mail to a P.O. Box in Australia with the customs declaration, so if you want to send me a P.O. Box address from overseas, I think it's okay.


Tammie said...

Ces, I am so happy, literally can feel it in my heart! I love your art and I love oak trees, they are mighty friends and teachers. I always thought it was a grand idea that you chose oaks to honor through capturing their essence in your art. How wonderful that I will get to enjoy one in my wee cabin. Thank you.
warmly, Tammie

Marie S said...

Thank you Ces. I love your nuts!!
I mean acorns.

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh Ces!!! Color me so happy, so excited to be one of your winners! I just can't wait and am dancing on air!

I love this new piece too and am wondering about the intuitive feelings you have about your work. Is there something that happened? I'm not sure why people do the things they do but just cannot handle dishonesty very well. I so hope that your products/projects/pieces are safe!

And Marie so made me laugh!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Lucky lucky winners Ces!!!
They will all be delighted with their piece of the Ces Quercus Forest.
Congrats all around, and Marie, your mind and mine run on the same channel......LOL!!!


steveroni said...

Congratulations winners! You are going to be SO HAPPY--Ces is one classy act!

Ces, I read your words on friendship, and the lovely love of sisterhood, and I was moved. Here in Charleston SC, I have met friends of the kind you write. And all by--well, YOU know--"accident"???

You are some fabulous peep, and I am just SO happy to sit back, follow you, love your work--REALLY love it, enthralled by it...and by you, girl. Not often am I out of words, but I just now have "run out"!!!

steveroni said...

Since it is still but Sunday, I'll double dip here. You sent me a nut, and being a "certified" Gemini, wrote that I'd need TWO (nuts). Can not imagine why?

...but if you DID send a second, I did not receive it. And I just could not bear the thought of a beautiful lonely nut hiding out somewhere in a government building! (With all the others there?)

No problem, if you are out of nuts since I'm nuts enough, so everyone tells me.


Thank you SO much for commenting on steveroni, I was wondering if I'd ever hear from YOU again.

Re YOU and your FRIENDS...well, whatever else happens here on earth, you DO experience heaven, I see...and I L O V E it ALL!

Sorry for the comment/blog-grin!

Julia Christie said...

Ces YEAH!!! This made my day! I love all of your work and will be so proud to own and display a piece in my home!
Thank you so very much!


Ces said...


I have your second nut but I realized I sent you a white matted nut. Now I have a black matted nut. So that will make you have a white and black matted nut. So I am still trying to find a white mate for your nut. I am packaging the nuts to the others now. I will find one somewhere here so that you will have two uniform cream colored nuts!

Manon Doyle said...

Congrats to all your winners!! They are very lucky and I know what I'm talking about!!!!
Hey, Ces!! I love your nuts too...lol. I finally got the Sharpie off my feet.....btw....lol. I'm looking for the next object I can paint on...lol

Jan said...

Me? I won one? What a lovely birthday present this is, thank you so very much, Ces! I honestly am thrilled. I have sent you my address. No hurry to send it, you are very busy I know. (is it here yet?) Thank you, Thank you, dear one.

Diana Evans said...

oh my heavens!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilleddddddddddd!!! I never ever win anything so this is so amazing!!! and to own a piece of your work CES!!! oh my heart!!! I am so lucky!!!!

I will facebook you my address!!!

oh and Congrats to all the wonderful winners!!!

We are all nuts for you CES!!!

Amalia K said...

Whaaa??? A nut for my own personal pleasure?? Huzzaaahhh!!! Yaaayyy!! Arigato gozaimasu, Ces-san!! You are just so, so, soooo kind!!! (^O^) oxox

Shirley said...

A HEARTY congratulations to all of Ces's winners. YAY!!!

Ces, this piece is absolutely gorgeous - I love the flow of the leaf set with the beautiful nut...the composition is dazzling. The upturned leaf portion is amazing..you rock, sister!! I definitely agree that you should © this piece and all of your others, for that matter. Hugs to you, Ces!

Arija said...

Ces you overgenerous woman! What can I say but thank you. I have for so longed to have something touched by your hand.
Consider yourself squeezed half to death by the biggest bear hug from yours truly. .. . oops not bear! they live in the woods, oh well, then just a human girl one.

Andrew Finnie said...

Well Ces,.... How do you do a blushing face on blog land?. You are very kind, as kind as your work suggest. Thank you so much.

Thank you from the bottom of my miserable scoundrel pirating black arterisolotic mispelling heart.

Now that bottom is a lon way so it must be heart felt!!

:) :)

Sympathy For The Devil said...

awwww congrats to the winners!!!!!!

Jack Foster said...

WOOOOO HOOOOO! Thanks Ces! I will treasure it totally! You're the BEST! I'm doing the happy dance right now! (I'm at the library and everyone is looking at me!)

amba said...

Oh! lucky winners! your drawings are always so fresh and beautiful, Ces.

Ces said...

Congratulations to all of you. I have started mailing the oaks last Monday. Hope they reach you soon.

Jasmine said...

Ive just been reading your previous post. I think we are the same kind of nature love, spiders and snakes scare me too :) Congratulations to the lucky winners. Your art is wonderful xx

Andrew Finnie said...

Greetings Ces, I sent you my address hopefully to your correct email address. :)

It's very wonderful of you. Thank you so much again.


Coreopsis said...

Wonderful wonderful leaves--I haven't been by in a long time, but everytime I do, I'm so inspired. I really like your attitude about "getting busy". I need to do that. I feel way too busy with everything else which doesn't matter at much. Thanks for posting!