Oh Veeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

To all my blog friends and visitors:

Thank you for your visits and comments. I appreciate them very much. They make me happy and joyful in the midst of a very busy and occupied state. I hope to visit all of you soon!!! Tsup!!!

My Beloved Sisterfriend Vanessa Brantley-Newton:

You are my sisterfriend.
I love you.
I wish you joy and happiness.
I wish you fame and fortune.
I wish you success.
Thank you for making me very happy.
Thank you for being kind and generous to me.
Thank you for loving me.
You are my sisterfriend.
You are in my life.
I love you, Vee.

My beloved, beautiful sisterfriend Vanessa Brantley-Newton is one heck of an illustrator. There is nothing that lady can't do! Her illustrations remind me of the soothing comfort of yesteryear. I met Vanessa through my darling sisterfriend Bella Sinclair.

Vanessa is one of my Oak Nymphs. On the left she is tending to an acorn of the Quercus turbinela.

Vanessa is a true gem. Just thinking of her makes me smile. Her comments are so full of energy. When she writes that she has tears in her eyes, I really see the tears in her comments. But when she says she is laughing, watch out, I have the biggest grin in my face and I scream AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Oy Veeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Bella (dots), Ces (stripes) and Vee (geometric shapes) on The Sisterfriend Express during Sisterfriend Day.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

um....... umm..... Okay .. I'm so glad that it's two am in the morning. You might be at work taking care of someone. I have no words right now...... Only tears. I love you so much I really do. Thank you my love!! I am deeply moved and so humbled by this beautiful and wonderful post. Oh Ces..... I am so blessed and favored to have you and Bella in my life. Honestly you are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Never did I ever guess that I would connect with such strong and fruitful Oaks like you and Bella. You guys have made me cry out with laughter and then bring me to heavy sobs of joy and more. I am so blessed to know you and I will be forever, hear me, forever grateful for your great show of love for me. I do understand that it's the internet, but love and frienship and sisterhood transcends all space and time and is felt from heart to heart and breast to breast. I love you. I say it all the time and I know that for some people it's just something said. I take my words very seriously. Words are power and life to me. When I say that I love you Ces you had better know that I really, really mean it. You, Bella, Eric, and Peter have been here since I started out in blogland. It is my prayer that I will one day get to hold you close and tell you to your beautiful face just how much. You are the best in the world. I love you sis I really, truly do. Thanks so much for show of love. I will never forget this. Never.
Tsup, Tsup!
A crying fool now

lakhsmita indira said...

i remember the first time i met Vanessa last year (she loved my Alice).
She is very nice to me, always ALWAYS tells me encouraging words no matter how mess my drawing is.

wait, im not finished.

AutumnLeaves said...

Each of your drawings are so wonderful and full of interest, Ces. I adore Vee's scarf; so intricate and beautiful - it MUST be silk! Gorgeous!

rachel awes said...

i found you through vanessa's dear, dear blog. i love your faces & art & your beautiful spirit that comes through. it's been lovely to visit.

Deborah said...

**SQUEALS** I love her fuzzy little head!!! THE SCARF IS UNBELIEVABLE. Look at that detail. I must go back and fall into it again. But it is time to walk. What a beautiful tribute to Vanessa. Such a lovely sisterhood of extremely gifted artists. I tremble to be in the presence of all this beautiful talent. ♥♥♥ Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That captured her completely, and I have to admit the one of her with the acorn is spot-on too!!!
Vanessa is a force of natuyre---a good one!
Gotta run--late for appt. ♥♥♥


Silke said...

Oh, what wonderful art for a most wonderful woman!! What an amazingly talented and caring group of women and that I get to be part of it still blows my mind! The scarf you painted around beautiful Vanessa's neck is just gorgeous! Love it! And you! TSUP! Silke

audrey said...

What a beautiful drawing and a beautiful tribute to Vanessa. Your scarves just keep getting more beautiful with each drawing, Ces.
The joy you are bringing to each of these women is priceless. Bless you for that.
♥ audrey

Ces said...

Thank you very much dear friends for your comments and visit. Please visit Vanessa. She is truly amazing.

Ces said...

Thank you V. I know. I love you too.

lakhsmita indira said...

i continue, she is also funny because she often appears on my blog as Lady Good Nectar in yellow dress with bunny and i just love her works!

love this drawing and the scarf, byebye Grandewitch byebye Lady Good Nectar!!

Ces said...

I also sometimes appear as Bata Batuta with a mustache. But no bunny :(

lakhsmita indira said...

oh yes i forgot to tell you, we should meet for coffee in NYC okay but no mustache... people will stare at us..

lakhsmita indira said...

byebye goodnite.

Bella Sinclair said...

aaahh, the beauty! the love! I feel my heart swelling...


Shirley said...

YAYYYYY for Vanessa!!!!!!!! Ces this is wonderful - and I just feel the happy tears flowing from Vee..it's just awesome. Bringing love to this place we call home, that's what both of you do. Gorgeous illustration of Vanessa!

Jasmine said...

Those illustrations are magical. i love them.

amba said...

I'm looking to a beautiful sun... even knowing that I can't touch it, because I'm to far away, it shines in my hair.

(sun = your drawing and your love to a friend)

Tamara Henderson said...

This is such a lovely poem and illustration about Vanessa. She is the wonderful person and such a kind spirit!

Amalia K said...

You know what I love most about Vee? She's like a bucketful of sunshine who could put a smile even on a stone face. Especially with her "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

She's my dancing ladybug, she is.

And of course, Ces, as always, you know your sisterfriends like no one does. Such a beautiful, beautiful portrait of Vee. oxox

k.h.whitaker said...

this is so sweet and lovely, just like our dear Vanessa is

T.L. Holmes said...

I found your blog through Vanessa's blog...gosh, I feel like a blog-stalker? hahaha Anyhoodle, your drawings and writings are lovely, so I'm not too terribly sorry I've stopped by uninvited! And you are SOOOOOOO correct, Vanessa is the bee's knees!!!
Tara :)

Lori ann said...

Oh lucky Vee. And OH your drawings Ces. I just saw the ones you did on the Ripple blog, for being "only a Sunday painter" (you are SO much more) you manage an awful lot. I am so impressed.

lakhsmita indira said...

i miss you byebye

lakhsmita indira said...

online by phone, byebye see you tomorrow. I have to stop saying byebye. Byebyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! *aaahh sorry xP

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh Ces, my head is still hurting from all that crying and stuff and the nose is now a little stuffy, but i gladly welcome it. I was up all night and didn't go to bed till a couple of hours ago. After having the fibroids removed and having a c section, sometimes when rain is coming my body really lets me know about. I was tossing and turning all night. Just really painful. I'm okay though. I was to lazy to get up and take the mortin. I will take it now and hopefully have a better morning. Thanks so much everyone for your very sweet and kind words. I so appreciate each and everyone of you. Hugs to you Ces and everyone .
Tsup, Tsup!

Ces said...

Thank you dearest friends for your visits and comments. I am so happy you got to meet my dearest friend Vanessa. She is truly special, but you know that now!

Marie S said...

This is a most beautiful illustration of Vannessa. The face, the hair,the eyes, and the scarf, the total package.
A beautiful tribute too!!
Some one to make you laugh, pleases me very much!!

Francisco Martins said...

V. Newton for PRESIDENT!!! I'm with you Ces, you just can't not love Vanessa! :)

Luzia said...

Wonderful drawings! Greetings from Luzia.

Andrew Finnie said...

Ha Ces, you rock! Those hats are crazy (good) and you have achieved JOY. So maybe we should give you a "Give Joy" award - better than a bald faced liar.

I like your happy work.
Happy is fun is good.