New Quercus Acorn Images

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! My own elephant figurine, lovingly created by the beautiful Bella Sinclair. She used my oak leaf drawings which she printed on mulberry paper to decorate the cute pachyderm. Not long ago, Bella and I were talking about the decorated elephants in London. What a delightful surprise! I love this elephant, my own Elie! Elie is standing on a matted collage of oak leaves which, together with a collage of acorns, I am soon shipping out to one very special lady in the east coast. Thank you dearest, Bella Sinclair!

My new schedule is forcing me to do what I always never enjoyed doing, unless it was necessary - sleeping. I am so tired after my evening's exercise that I can't wait to hit the showers and the bed. However, I find myself full of energy in the daytime, but I spend those hours working. So, these are the only things I managed to do this week - new quercus oak and leaf drawings. These are larger pieces on Bristol board, measuring 9"x12". I plan to draw at least two dozens of these and a few extras as gifts. I am dedicating this new series to my two brothers, five sisters, sisterfriends Arija, Tessa, Bella Sinclair and Deborah.

I have mailed the first batch of acorns and leaves to the winners. I am mailing the second batch on Monday after I prepare them for mailing. Thank you again for participating. I hope to have another giveaway next week.

Quercus virginiana

Quercus falcata

Quercus prinus


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

These are STELLAR Ces! Not that your others were not--but I love the format of the large acorn and then the tree branch also.
And yes, sleep is good for the body, even necessary! ;)


Nancy Goldman said...

These drawings are beautifully done.

Jan said...

First I must say Thank You! I received my acorn drawing in the mail and I love it! so painstakingly done, how do you draw these and still have eyes left? Thank you, Ces, you are very generous.

I love your elephant! They say the elephant figurines where the trunk is in a raised position denotes good luck. Good luck to you!

Your new drawings are fabulous, I too love the inclusion of the leaf and branch. Very nice work.

Go get some rest!

Jasmine said...

What a wonderful gift. So nice that there is both of your energy mixed into the creation of this wonderful elephant. I always like gifts where you give something as a prompt and another artist takes it and completes it themselves. Such fun. Your sketches are beautiful x

Deborah said...

**squeals** Cesalicious!!! Oh I love the elephant! Bella is a genius. So are you. Artistic geniuses. Oh BIG love for your new series and your dedication made me weep. Two tears. One from each eye. I have been busy cleaning antique china. Carefully. Happy Friday, from your Cesnut, Deb

Tammie Lee said...

your elephant is wonderful and surely made with loving for you.

your new nuts with the leaves are wonderful!

always wonderful to see what you are up, plus you are inspiring me to get out and move my body!

Arija said...

You, my dear are one over generous lady. You remind me so much of my daughter in that respect.
She too creates wonders and gives them away although her budget hardly balances.
God certainly gave you talent in spades and endurance as well to accomplish what you already have accomplished as well as what is to come.

Have you tried delegating at work? Training someone else to take part of your job? Ideally I would like to see you have much more time to paint and sleep.

Do ease off a bit and take care of your self first and foremost.

I may be an old nagging biddy but I do know that even the mighty Ces needs time to play.

Love you heaps 'n heaps,


steveroni said...

At risk of being sacrilegious here, I say it is quite possible God took His lessons from you, when He created the oak(s)...and other things TOO, Ces. So many thanks to you for SO many posts like this.


AutumnLeaves said...

Absolutely magical, Ces. But then that is how I see you so it is no surprise!

Ces said...

Oh Steve! Oh Steve. My drawing and painting skills are mere instruments to honor God.

Ces said...

Thank you very much dear friends for your comments and visits!

steveroni said...

Yes, Ces, you honor God. Also you PRAISE God! And you do it so well, that God is pleased with His handiwork--YOU!

Ces said...

Ah you know, we don't live forever and what is the point of all these gifts if we don't use and share them before our body disintegrates?

justdoodleit said...

Fantastic! All nature books should have such lovely intricate illustrations.

steveroni said...

I'll just turn in tonight with these pleasant and lovely thoughts--all except that word: DISINTEGRATE. It is not far from where *I* am: DETERIORATE--grin!!!!!

Caroline said...

Gorgeous elephant! How wonderfully creative - so personal! Fantastic illustrations too.