A. Pigma ink on 14"x11" Bristol Board. Click on image for enlarged view.
This is my new project. It's an illustrated alphabet in my own calligraphy style. I don't know if I am going to fill up the entire Bristol board with ink. I have to make 26 of these and they measure 14"x11", so it's not like I can whip them up in a day. I have to think about that.
The drawing on the left is for Arija who is in love with what she calls Ceselephant Trees. I drew the one on the left while waiting for my pizza at the cafe at lunchtime today. The pizza was awful! I felt like an elephant after eating it. The bottom photograph is our beloved dog Daisy playing in our sun-burnt yard.


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh geez, Ces! I had to take a loaf of bread and leave a trail of crumbs for myself, or else I would never have found my way back out! Well, truth be told, I didn't want to come back out, but someone was pinging me. What an amazing world! A world within a world! I love looking at all the little tiny people, and watching what they are doing. And your fisherman has a very lovely six-pack. :)

The ceselephant trees! Heeheeheeee! They make me giddy with delight. HA! Gotta love that watering can. Do you think they sell those at Home Depot?

And Daisy is such a beautiful dog. She looks very happy in your wonderful yard.

Gina Lee Kim said...

I just had pizza for dinner! Oh Ces...I'm so grateful you're a nurse. No wait, and Artist-Nurse. :)
I need all the advise I can get! I'm taking the NCLEX boards July 2. Eeeks!

Sarah said...

Wow Ces - such detail - I looove it - all the landscaping and different little things to look at. Well - you know why I love it all that detail - I love doing it. So fun to see someone else's style - and such an amazing piece!!! 26!!!!??? you are brave!
Someone asked me to design a set of Tarot cards - yikes!!
Hugs, Sarah

Manon Doyle said...

Ceslligraphy is awesome! There's so much to look at .... can't wait to see more!

Silke said...

Wow, Ces, your A is absolutely awesome and amazing - I give it an A+++++++. :) Truly, there is so much to look at! And the tree is so fun - I can't believe you can do this while you wait to pizza. I'm having talent envy... :) Silke
P.S. Your dog is adorable!

Leslie said...

Strong Woman that you are, you nearly sucked me into your drawings, wow!

buckram and bembo said...

i had to use my magnifying glass to look at this drawing.did you use one when you drew this? too many details i dont know where to look first. but the farmer plowing the field is cute.

Ces said...

Inday, Ano guid, ano?! Nga-a nakita mo ang iya nga ichurra daw itom man lang na ya nga tuldok. Nag inventing na siha ho?!

Marie S said...

A is for awesome!
The Ceselephants are great and they are green. Cool! Looks good that way.
Awe cute Daisy.
Good night, sleep tight!

Baino said...

Oooh now that's an exciting project. Very Animalia . . .I'll have to come back and enlarge it but for now, another interview . . ta ta for now!

Ces said...

Bella - A loaf of bread! I thought you were making peanut butter sandwiches for a picnic! Well they got eaten my the rice fields mice!
The watering can is not what it seems, she is pouring peanuts to the baby elephant topiary! Yes, Daisy turned out to be quiet pretty, lucky, considering we did not know her father and her mother is quite the street walker!

Oh Gina, be careful about asking advice from me. Hahah! I took the first ever NCLEX in 1982 so in Nursing years that would be considered ancient! Plus I am considered the average aged nurse what is that now? It used to be 45 when I was 45 so should it be 51? Oh, my aching back! Good luck. You will do just super fine, if not great.

Sarah, a Tarot card pack! That would be exciting! I like the queens! Have fun!

Hello Manon, How are you? Oh I have started B vut it's just an outline. Time to take out the magnifying glass and the ultrasonic cleaner!

Silke, no need for talent envy dear. That would be the fist A+++++++...grade ever for me. The highest I ever received was just A+ plus a comment "very talkative and needs to pay more attention!"

Dang Leslie! Suck is such a powerful word~ Thanks.

Hello Marie, goodnight goodmorning! I should color them brown. Everything looks brown with the lack of rain here.

Baino dear, good luck honey!

Arija said...

Hallo my smiling 8th wonder of the known universe.
Your A really is for amazing!!!
In so small a space you have crammed so much of rural living. The only thing I did not find there was the current penchant for fornication. People, housing, ploughing of rice paddies terraces of tea plantations complete with pickers, the lake and flowing river of life...oh, just so much, I take it the gentleman with the sexy legs is the Viking, with you, Bella and Renee in the top right with the kidlets in the bottom left. Is the dreamy person on the left you like God contemplating your universe?
Before I say anything at all about the Ceselephant garden, I have to order my completly disordered wits.

Coreopsis said...

Wow--I like this SOOOOOO much. It's a great idea, because your style is so rich and interesting. I really really like the white space around it too.

Renee said...

Ces the alphabet is going to be amazing.

The A is outstanding and I absolutely love the waves with the fish at each one. That is genius and stunning.

Daisy is so cute.

Love the picture for your friend Arija. Totally fun.

Love Renee xoxo

Deborah said...

Brilliant! The problem is, I click and enlarge your drawings and get behind on work...I can sit forEVER looking into this little world. I could never even think the ideas you come up with. Is that your Viking with the six-pack? Nice....**blows kisses** Deborah

Ces said...

Arija, you give me too much credit. As for people's penchant, we must be a little bit behind the times because I don't see that quite often here, in fact I have yet to see that down here. :) Soon the ceselephant trees will be ordinary.

Coreopsis, thank you very much. Takes quite a bit of getting used to with the white spaces. I have not that really with the Bristol board illustrations.

Deborah, i hate that when a blog keeps me behind my tasks :) Hop to it, hop to it...clean clean clean! :)

Marie S said...

Everything is brown here too!!
That is why I like Ceselephants trees green.
Too bad we could take huge colored pens or pencils to our yards, eh?
Stopping by

Renee said...

Thank you for your comments today my darling friend Ces.

I have received a card like that and I remember when I first read it, I thought that it was all true. I still do.

You are enthusiasm and sparks and fairy dust Ces.

Love Renee xoxo

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* Smiling at your Cesellies and your Amazing A ... you leave my eyes full and mouth wordless*!*

Art Fan Ako said...

This is breathtakingly fantastic! Love the details. Glad I found your blog.

Arija said...

Ceselephant trees ordinary??? HAHAHAHAHA...with you, nothing could be!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ces:

Just wanted to let you know that I love your comments on my dear sister Renee's blogs, you and Bella are a great support, but today, I love what the card with cancer said, it cannot, and Dam it that is f...ing RIGHT! thanks

from the one you Love

PS: sorry for using your blog but was the only means that I had to communicate with you. Your Art and Bella's art is outstanding and I love them.

Ces said...

Marie, the heat index was 106C today!ACK!

Ces said...

Hello Renee, I think of you every time I see that card on my friend's desk.

Hi Annie, hello, It's gtreat to see you today! Thanks.

Hello Art Fan, maraming salamat po!

Arija, thank you. You give me too much credit though.

Colette,thank you for stopping by. What a great sentiment that card conveys. It gives everyone hope and courage.

Arija said...

Sorry to disappoint you, I only express a totally fair and qell considered opinion...when I see genius I just say so....of course you can't see it yourself. otherwise your head would burst with all that swelling and you would become an impossible person to live with - especially with your brains spattered all over the place and oh my God, just think of the clean up...oh well, your dog (who by the way has grown to be quite beautiul) could may be engaged to help out unless of course he doesn't like brains...I have digresse a little but by golly, if heffalump trees are not genius, what is?????

Diana Evans said...

oh my heavens CES!!!! you are amazing....this looks so intricate and wonderful....you know tonight Brad hooked up a little trailer and took Cole and I for a ride in the field behind our home....on the riding lawn tractor...it was amazing....we saw so much and I took some photos....the forest back behind our home reminds me so much of the trees you draw....I took a bunch of photos to see what comes out and will have to post them for you......

Your dog is so sweet too....

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Coreopsis said...

Ha ha ha-yourself! You totally made my day--THANKS!!!!

Renee said...

Hey Ces, so sorry I took so long to get back on here. Was doing taxes all day (they were supposed to be done at the end of April).

I love your comment, you are the best commenter ever.

I haven't seen Colette's comment to you yet, but she phoned this morning and told me she was going to put one on here about how groovy she thinks you are. I of course told her, no thinking Ces is groovy, be assured that she is.

If you become a fly tell us otherwise we will all start swating. Back in the day I remember my mother having some kind of fly paper (disgusting).

As for work: I don't feel sorry for you and I know that you are a cool dudette.

Love you, love you, love you.

Nadalene is sleeping over tonight, but I told her I had to run upstairs and at least say Hi to Ces once today.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Renee said...

Ces it all works out for Colette's birthday too, because she just had one at the end of April.

So everything is cool.

Have a great day and hopefully work won't call you in.

Love Renee xoxox

Marie S said...

Happy Saturday,
106C??????? OMG you live in hell!!!
We have been so lucky this year, the june "gloom" (which I LOVE)has been in full force and it has been so mild and I am so happy. Sun doesn't even break out of the clouds until about 3 pm.
I drove through there in'97 from east to west and it was the longest and hottest drive.
Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.

Renee said...

Darling friend ---- where are you?


pieterbie said...

I love it, I love it, I love it, such creativity.

Marie S said...

Good Morning Ces and happy sunday,
Have a cool day!
Love and hugs,

Anna Lefler said...

That's so beautiful! Wow!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I really appreciate that. And yours is awesome!

Take care and hope you're having a great weekend...

:-D Anna

Ces said...

Thank you very much everyone for your wonderful and thoughtful cooments. Thank you for your visits.