Illustration Friday - Craving

Don't Eat The Sardines!
Pigma ink on ruled Moleskine pocket notebook. There are twelve sardine men, can you find them?

This post is dedicated to Bella Sinclair, my dearest sister-friend whose intellectual stimulation, beautiful, adorable and desirable art and wicked sense of humor I crave. I am excitedly awaiting the day she makes the sun shine brighter in North America! The other night we were talking about craving and I told her that I sometimes crave for sardines which nauseates me and makes me sick unless I drink black tea. Yes, it's weird, what can I say. It's an unusual form of craving. It's obvious, I can't eat the above sardines.
Bella, is my Thalia who makes me laugh, my Calliope and Erato who make me wax poetic, my Euterpe who makes me sing despite being out of tune and my Terpsichore who makes me skip and jump. She, with my Espilons, my Viking, my family and friends make my life fuller, happier and more blessed.
She, together with Renee and Arija, inspire me to new heights, they brush the cobwebs of self doubt in my mind and power wash the stain of disappointment in my heart.
They make me smile that makes it easier for my hand to bend and my phalanges to adduct and abduct to create lines and squiggles that form objects on a Bristol Board and stretched canvases. They make my blind eyes see without a magnifying glass to create minute men climb rocks and mountains and pachyderms run around landscapes.
If you click on the photgraph you may see the little men running around the letter A "Ceslligraphy".


Sarah said...

Oh Ces - wonderful post!! Dedicted to wonderful folks! I do so love your work!!!!
Sardines - funny how our minds turn these things into pictures when you let fly!!! Love the little men!!!
For me caviar on egg salad on crackers - ackkkkkk... but sometimes I just really want that. Guess it's good I can't afford it - lol!!
Have a great weekend hon, Sarah

Renee said...

Ces these are all beyond outstanding.

Your talents (and I am stunned at how many you have) are truly a gift.

I wonder if there is anything that you cannot do?

Beautiful post Ces and Bella is truly what you say she is. Your friendship was made in the Heavens.

Have a great day dear heart.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Renee said...

p.s. I don't crave sardines, but I do love them.


Rui Sousa said...

NICE ONE! REALLY GREAT JOB!It´s a well done work, and it´s a great interpretation of the subject.

Silke said...

Your talent is amazing - as an artist and a poet/writer! What a beautiful post this is. Really touching! :) Silke

Deborah said...

I have no words. Your art is beyond amazing.

Ces said...

Wow! I spend less that 5 minutes on an IF drawing and I receive these generously wonderful and kind comments. If I was an addict you are all enabling me! Haha! Thank you very much. I enjoy drawing and painting. They are an integral part of my life ever since I learned how to hold a pencil and a brush. But you my dearest blogger friends are awesome and you inspire me! Thank you!.

Sarah, Wonderful indeed they are and so are you!. Ah I don't know if I can afford caviar either but I love many types of roe.

Renee, please don't ask me what I cannot do for I will not be able to stop myself from enumerating and I will succumb to depression.

hello Rui, are you shaving yourself or is that a white beard?

Silke, thank you very much.You are so sweet. Oh look, you finished eating. You look very happy, still pretty as ever!

Deborah, your unspoken words makes my heart sing and drawing hands tingle. Thank you.

Baino said...

You are fortunate to have such muses.

Ces said...

Thank you Baino. I adopted them. Hahah!

Coreopsis said...

That's a very funny craving. It's odd that you'd crave something that would make you sick. Even odder than it can be counteracted by black tea. Most of my cravings are for really healthy things--like garbanzo beans or kale. I think it's when my body is missing some kind of nutrient.

As far as enabling your addiction--well, I can't think of too many better ones.

You go girl!

Bella Sinclair said...

Ack! My TOES! They are burning up!

Awwww, Ces, sister-friend. Thank you for this. I am weeping with joy. I need to borrow some of your wee men to come push these joyful tears aside. Perhaps the one rolling the penny -- he looks nice and strong. And I must say. It is a pure privilege to help your phalanges adduct and abduct. One day, my phalenges will embrace your phalenges. HA!

I am such a wreck this morning with both tears and laughter. You drew SARDINES! Ahahahahaha! I love it! But tell me, does it make you lose your hair, too?

Bella Sinclair said...

Swallowing 12 sardine men would make me gag.

Bella Sinclair said...

She's kinda sexy bald. Like Sinead O'Connor.

Renee said...

Ces all hearts that have been around long enough have tears. All hearts that have been around long enough bleed.

Here is to yours and mine and Bella's not tearing or bleeding for unnecessary reasons.


Ces said...

Hello coreopsis, oh my those are healthy cravings indeed!

Ces said...

Bella Bella Bella!!! You inspire me so much! I told you don't eat the sardines! Doesn't she have a pretty scalp, even though she does not look very happy seeing the men from sardinia.

Nothing compares to her bald head!

Renee how true is that! But hearts are not supposed to bleed, very dangerous.

Renee said...

Good morning dear friend.

Are you going to be drawing or painting today?

Love Renee xoxo

Arija said...

You dear, dear girl! How kind you are when I am totally in awe of your talent. I wonder where and how you come by your ideas? To me a few lines of a poem come in an odd way from the universe, either just before I fall asleep or on waking. Do you wake up to elephants and tiny sardine men tucked in your pocket with your show hanky? I would so love to take a walk in the Aladdin's cave of your head.

Ces said...

Dear renee! I have been drawing before the sun peeked from the heavens.

Arija! But I don't know if you realize that your kind gesture helped me in the right path! I am so thankful! The ideas, they just come and go. If my hands are slow, they are gone!

Amy C said...

gorgeous drawing and I love the commentary to go with it.
I used to love canned sardines but I always got the ones with lemon - less gaggy!
Now I am a vegan so my sardine days are over :(

Marie S said...

I am loving the food banner to your blog. Everything looks delicious and I am wondering what I missed.
So many muses and good ones too.
What a beautiful post.
I am so glad to be home.
I missed you.

Ces said...

Ah Amy, I wish I ate more vegetables but I am a fish eater and I love pork chop and chicken. Yum yum. Thanks.

Marie!!!! You are home!!!! Welcome back! Ach! I see the clay and then I get anxious because I want to start a project but I have so many works in progress. I have to tame myself. Hiyah! Right now my project is pleasing Hestia! yes, she left her hearth throne. She told me "Ack! ack! It is so dusty in here, shame on you!" So I am making it up to her.

Marie S said...

LOL!!! Yes I am back. I had great fun. So many talented women, you would have loved it. I will be posting more about it later.
Ces the time will come when you will clay and you will have something to do it with, I wanted to make sure of that.
Just keep it in a cool place during the summer. It will last for years if you do that.
I have been spending time this morning catching up on all I have missed and I just finished Renee's and am on my way to Bella. I feel that after a week with a bunch of electrical cords and reading a bunch of electrical cords this morning that I should go take a nap. LOL!!!

Ces said...

Sounds like the convention you attended Marie was quite electric!

Diana Evans said...

Hello!!!!!!!! my dearest Ces....wow .....This is wonderful and I love the photo with all the pieces together...amazing to say the least....

I don't think I ever got out of bed for a craving of sardines...but I may have wanted some anchovies...heheheeh....just kidding....

I love it!!!

and thanks for popping by and leaving the sweet Anniversary wishes...we had a wonderful weekend away!!!


Renee said...

Looking at this work again. One word: Spectacular.


Ces said...

Thank you Diana! I am glad to hear you had a wonderful time!

Renee, thank you dear!

Chris said...

WHAT a banner. love those.

Renee said...

Thanks Ces. Camille will be thrilled. She is a sweetheart. And all my sisters are good.

Are you going to see your sweet twin soon or did you already?

Do you live near any of your sisters?

How are you feeling dear friend. You know I love you very much right?


thefridayfrog said...

yay!!! i could find them all! my eyes STILL work! :))) wonnnnnderful, ces!

Connie said...

Love your tiny 'craving' and also seeing it with the other work. There are worse cravings than Sardines!

Emily said...

Oh delight! Love these peek at my desk type posts...sigh!
I really like the A drawing!

Indigene said...

Ces, this was wonderful, I so love your black and white work! Bravo!