Happy Birthday Beloved Arija!!!

Written September 24, 2010
I was taking a beauty rest and then my mobile phone chimed. It was Arija, leaving a comment and telling me that she was on her way to the Farmer's Market (in Australia) for her birthday breakfast. I know her birthday is tomorrow but then I realized that today in Australia is already my tomorrow so I hurried up and got together my Birthday Greeting Crew (Elie, The Elephant, Piggy, The Pig and Beauregard, The Mouse). Oh goodness! I have never squiggled so fast so I can send this birthday greeting on time for Arija. So here it is my beloved sisterfriend, it arrives today on your birthday the day before it becomes today here, so I will pre-date this post so it will look like I sent it on the right day which is actually the day before the real date here and tomorrow, the date will be right but it will be your yesterday...I think, I have successfully managed to confuse myself!

Update: September25, 2010
Okay, okay! So that was confusing. Explanation: Yesterday in Australia was Arija's birthday which is today in Texas. So in essence, Arija's birthday was yesterday when you consider geography, but if you refer to calendar dates, it is today. So Arija celebrated her birthday yesterday and hopefully will continue to do so by celebrating it today. Simple!!! Don't you get it? See, I understand these things because when I first came to the US, I left the Philippines on my 24th birthday and 24 hours later, it was still my birthday in the US! I celebrated it with my twin Gemini sister who only had one birthday cake, unlike me who had two birthday cakes...

Since it is Arija's birthday, I will spread her love and give this coveted award. You may read about the award here.

Shirley Ng Benitez
Julia Christie
Andrew Finnie
Lakhsmita Indira
Linda Cardina
Tammie Lee
K.H. Whitaker
Jack Foster

My dearest darling sisterfriend Arija,
my Pink Rose;
my beloved sisterfriend;
the giving one;
the one with beautiful seeing eyes;
the one with the healing hands
and green thumbs;

the one with comforting words;
the one with a soothing soul,

Happy Birthday my Beloved Sisterfriend, Arija!

I love you!


Arija said...

Ces you little wag, you are supposed to be resting not making the most wonderful squiggle drawing in the world for my birthday!

I'm not as special as you make me out to be but thank you nevertheless for my very own pachyderm, pig and mousie . . . what a gloriously riotous party we will have!

Reading your post you made me confucious with your daydribble. Now I wonder I wonder is it yesterday, today or tomorrow, yoiks, I'll just party for three days to be sure.

Consider me hugging the stuffing right out of you you doll!

XOXOXOX . . .Arija

Ces said...

Hello! It is your birthday today and tomorrow which will be my today tomorrow! HAHAHAHAHA! Happy Birthdays! Tsup! Tsup!

steveroni said...

WARNING--LONG comment:

Ces, you dear Peep! It is just like you to make a birthday present, and an award to spread the love around the world.

Being chosen to receive a most coveted award made by YOU, for ARIJA is an honor, a complete surprise. I read the award's origin, your mother, early life, and I went to Arija's GARDEN DELIGHTS--will go there again tomorrow, it IS bed time.

I LOVED your description of "saving the planet" from ah...something or other--grin!

How in the world I fit in that specially chosen lineup of Your Peeps, to receive the Arija Award I'll never understand.

I'm NOT an 'award' guy, but PROUDLY this one has already claimed it's space--as long as this blog is running--even after!

You will NEVER know what your friendship means to me. I almost feel a part of that family of "Ces and her Dishes"...and I am SO MOVED...THANK YOU!!!!!!

steveroni said...

Oh yeah. Thanks to you now, I have not a clue as to what day this is, or what day any other is.

Is it yesterday or tomorrow? All i know is--it is NOT today!

Kinda ice way to live, not knowing, as in, who cares? grin!

Bella Sinclair said...

Today, tomorrow, the day after that... let's keep celebrating! Happy Birthday, Arija! Wooohoooooo!


Caroline said...

Well done! Now I'm totally confused! I'm happy to see the birthday animals getting another outing. Happy Birthday to Arija!

Amalia K said...


I came to thank you for the beautiful nut I received just this morning, and now I have an award too??!!

Aww, thank you, darling Ces!!! Having a friend like you is like having a gift that just keeps on giving... Bless your lovely heart. ♥♥♥

And of course, happy birthday dear Arija!!! oxx

martinealison said...

Joyeux anniversaire Arija... Je me suis promenée avec délectation dans votre blog, j'y reviendrai tout à l'heure...
Mais pour l'heure je viens faire un gros "petou" à CES pour cette délicate attention. C'est avec une grande fierté que je vais apposé ce trophée divin... sur mon blog. Je vous envoie plein de bisous "français"!!! MERCI encore.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And now I am confused also Ces...so Happy Birthday to Arija (whatever day it is now!) and I have no idea how you drew so fast, but then, that is your gift! :)
The divine squiggler!!!


audrey said...

Happy Birthday, Arija!!
And, hugs and love to you, Ces, for including me in this list of friends to receive this award. To wake this Saturday morning and realize there are friends out there who care... well, it was something that couldn't have arrived at a better time. I am honored.
And you, dear Ces, should be honored for your big, loving, kind heart. You have been spreading your love across the world mailing out your "nut" drawings and more. It may seem small to you. It is HUGE, Ces, to the recipients.
Bless you and thank you.

Jessie said...

A lovely post and happy birthday to Arija! xx

Manon Doyle said...

Happy birthday to Arja!! I like to celebrate my birthday for a month so let's do the same with Arja's.

Manon Doyle said...

Ces.... I laughed so hard when I read that comment on Anne's blog...still laughing, my friend!! xoxo

Manon Doyle said...

I have no autographed photographs....LOL!!! Nope....none!!

steveroni said...

This was written tomorrow, Ces. I'm going back to send it yesterday, so you'll maybe receive it by the 10th of the month, following, and IF you've found it--the 'courage to know the difference'. Hey Ces, I KNOW you have found it...never let it go (South Pacific 1949).

Just wanted another chance to thank you for , for....well, for--Hmmmmm! Oh yeah forGOT! (Love my "award"--you KNEW I would!)

Jan said...

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Arija! I am honored to be included in your birthday good wishes and to receive the award from dear Ces! It is an honor indeed. A lovely surprise. Thank you, I shall display it with pride. So wonderful to be getting to know you and to be able to see your talented creations. Thanks for sharing.

Arija said...

Dat Manon, she'm full off goot ideass. A monss of sham-pain! Vot a vay to go.

Thank you all so much for your good wishes. Maybe that is why I had such a wonderful day.
Breakfast at the farmer's market, courtesy of eldest granddaughter kicked it off and finished with the most superb dessert conjured up by granddaughter the younger. At 18 that girl can cook like a drem, I'll be the first to buy her cook book.In between, the Prof baked a beautifully chocolate glazed cake which unfortunately was a flop but sooo well meant and all the world and his dog rang and of course there were PRESENTS!!! Not that I wanted presents since the place is over-cluttered but I got them anyway.

What with all the wonderful food and presents, if we keep it up for a month, my by that time porcine self will have to sleep outside since my bed will be taken up by gifts. Ah well, at least the weather should be ideal for the great outdoors except for Ces who will scream at the beetles, mosquitos and snakes . . .

Thanks guys, and you my Ces, what can I say?????

Julia Christie said...

Thank you so much for such a meaningful award ~ and so wonderful to have been introduced to Arija through this award too! I am tickled and especially honored because of the meaning behind this award.

Thank you my dear beautiful friend. You say I am the beautiful one...Oh my dear Ces, your beauty is brilliant and illuminating and Cesful!

Hugs and smiles

Bella Sinclair said...

Did you know you have an ad for Super Poke Pets on your Slide??? Is this a hint? Do you need a poke?

Bella Sinclair said...

Aaah, what wonderful chaos in your new header! Stop, please! Do not chop down that magnificent tree, I beg of you!

And someone had better pick up this litter.

Ooooooh, I love all this ink. I want to take one of your bamboo poles and use it as a straw to suck up all your inky goodness.

I came home to take a nap, I am so sleepy. But I made myself a cuppa and started doing laundry, and now I am no longer sleepy.

Did you put your pen away?

Ces said...

Thank you very much dearest friends for helping me celebrate Arija's birthday. I am so happy to hear that she had a marvelous day.

Manon, that's a great idea. I just changed the header to show how the Birthday Celebration gang is doing.

Steveroni, wake up! Stop talking in your sleep. You deserve the award, yes, yes, you are a much welcome Peep. BTW, what exactly does a "Peep" mean?

Bella, agreed. Oh honey, just for you. I removed the chaos. No woodcutting on the header. Just a pooped out Birthday Party crew. I drank coffee too! No, I need a surgical extraction of micron pen from my hand.

Hahahaha. Caroline, sorry. Arija's birthday was yesterday in Australia and Malaysia and today in Texas, California, Florida and elsewhere in the US.

Amalia, I am so glad to hear the nut did not get cracked at the Post Office. You are welcome.

MartineAlison, I too am happy to see you here. It is also my pleasure to visit your blog and look at your beautiful, detailed, verdant paintings.

Anne, I am so glad you are confused. That means the post is successful.

Audrey, most certainly, you are welcome. Audrey, I remember the photo of the scantily-clad-passed-out-woman-at-the-table and busted up laughing. Thank you for the memories.

Jessie, I am so happy to see you again. Thank you.

Manon, you can certainly create one for me. Thanks.

Steveroni, you are most welcome.

Thank you Jan. You are welcome!!!

Arija, dearest. I am so happy!!! I am so glad you had a great time with your family and let me know when your recipe book comes out! Happy Birthday again, lovely, beloved Arija!!!

Okay, I can see a big loop about to happen. Thank you, very much! Love your new avatar. Did you visit Manon? She was is wearing a cap and look at my sidebar and then your avatar. HAHAHA! Tsup!

Bella, darling, I took care of the header. Tsup!

Shirley said...

Ces, you cause me to stop and ponder and be grateful for this moment in time. I thank you, my dear sisterfriend for this wonderful honor. Arija, happy birthday!! It is a delight to see your world (photos and words) and I see how you and Ces are connected..both artists and poets alike. Ces, thank you so much..you are too, too generous!

Shirley said...

Oh goodness, gracious..I needn't forget to tell you how awesome this illustration is!!! I love the celebration, Ces. The composition of this piece highlights all of your fabulous characters..superb!

k.h.whitaker said...

oh, ouch, this made my brain hurt and I am easily confused...
Ces, you are so sweet to give me an award, thank you so much, and to Arija, Happy birthday, whatever day it is or was ;)
And Ces, you know I am always dumbfounded by the amount of detail and pen work you put into your drawings, my hand would cramp up with carpal tunnel! anyway this is lovely and fun.

Deborah said...

**more squeals** Pure Delight!!! Oh yes, party for three days! Most proper and fitting. Now I must go send a belated wish to Arija. Oh my Cesalicious, you are The Best. Ever.
**kisskiss** Deb

Andrew Finnie said...

Oh I go for a surfing trip and I find that my blog has taken so many hits that my internet provider is threatening to shut me down.... and the private Di i hired was so confused that was wearing his jacket on back to front to try and convince the people that he was trailing that he was walking away from them... it didn't work of course.

When he came back from the hospital he looked like sliced sushi, except the pink bits (raw tuna?) were on the outside

So what I am really saying Ces is that you are wonderful and kind and have fantastic taste an that I am honoured once again to be your friend and if I had really really thick lips I would give you an amazing hug.

But the ocean is in the way :(

My magick word is 'sustri' which I belive is on page 985 of the Sama Kutri book of indian yoga cooking...

By the way, Bella's blog has suspicious magic words so becareful if you visit.

I love your art, its is full of vitality - like yoursleff (that is dsilexic for 'yourself".

I am such a bad typist when I wrote 'full' I accidentally hit one other key on the same line - and got 'fudd'.

So your art is fudd of vitality. Bet you never knew that

see you :)

thankyou for my reward
you are good :)

Andrew Finnie said...

Oh Arija os so lucky to have you as a friend!

Joyeux anniversaire Arija... as martine says!

Tammie Lee said...

ah, such a lovely way to celebrate Arija birthday. Such a lovely friend she has in you, you have in her.

Tammie Lee said...

oh my gosh Ces, I totally missed my name in the list of recipients of the Arija award. It means so much to me because: I treasure Arija!
many thanks, blush and geez to me missing it.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Ces, Thank you so much for honouring me with Arija's Award. I have displayed it proudly on my blog, along with the deep thoughts it brought to mind. I am deeply touched to be linked with even some of the qualities Arija shows to the world through her blog.
And your 'birthday squiggles' for her is an absolute delight. (Ah, I wish I could 'squiggle' like that!) Hope it was a very happy day, Arija.
Ces, I'm not even remotely confused by your todays and tomorrows. I guess my brain works the same way! Perhaps if we lived closer we would develop a language that no-one else would understand!
Lots of love,
Janice. x

Jack Foster said...

Thank you Ces! The award is just as beautiful as the sentiment! I'm sending you a cyber hug.... did you get it? Good :o) You sure know how to make someone feel special! Sorry I'm a little late in picking up my award... been have computer issues :o( So you have really made my day!! And a great BIG (belated) Happy Birthday to Arija! Ces you not only shared the love and spread the love... you multiplied the love!!