Killing Weeds

I try to be a good gardener. Gardening reminds me of the people I love and so it stirs me to be nurturing, dedicated, and loving. It also reminds me of vexations and people who are unkind to me or towards people I love. Vexations are like the weeds. I cannot just pull the leaves of the weeds, the roots have to be extracted. Sometimes the weed intertwines with the plant so I cannot systematically just lop off everything. I gingerly, carefully unwind and dig up that nasty weed. It makes me feel great. I tell myself, there goes so and so, such a vile nasty creature. Die! Gardening is so violent.


Marion Lawless said...

So wise & true. Gardening is pure therapy. I love every word and your gorgeous flower pics. (I use vinegar to kill weeds that aren't near flowers or plants. It's organic & doesn't hurt animals.) Blessings! xo

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahahaha. Gardening is so violent. I never thought of it that way, but....you know, you're right. I like it when you get dirty. Tsup!

iRuth said...

Liked the bit of satire that you mixed here.

Tammie Lee said...

"Gardening is so violent."
so is eating..... except for fruit and nuts everything must die for us to eat it.

as for weeds, i eat the ones i can, pull some others, so yes, violent.

such lovely photos.

hi Ces

Steve E said...

HA! I am becoming expert on weeds, like that medical (dentist) word "extract". As of now, I don't have any
people" names to attach, only the weed HER/HIM SELF...and they all have the same name S.O.B's. (which is also a misnomer.)

BEAUTIFUL!!! God's flowers , and God has good helper...CES!

Jess said...

Hi Ces, it's been far too long since I've visited here.I came across your gorgeous artwork again on Instagram and I'm so happy I did! Happy gardening to you and thank you for changing forever the way I'll do the weeding!😊
Jess xx