A Happy and Blessed Easter

In the midst of God's blessings, goodness and beauty, the Devil cannot be denied. It will always get its share. In the midst of man's struggle for peace are the war mongers, terrorists, bullies and intimidators. In the midst of righteousness are the liars, perverts and lechers. Even in the world of the fungus, behold Boletus satanas also known as Satan's Mushroom or the Devil's Bolete. Like evil, it is poisonous, avoid it. A happy and blessed Easter to all.

Above, Boletus satanas, Devil's Bolete, Satan's Mushroom. Pigment ink and colored pencil on Moleskine sketch book. This is part of a daily quick sketch and mushroom study project I started last month. I have always been fascinated by mushrooms since I was a child. We had a jackfruit tree where Auricularia auricula-judae mushrooms grew and I remember lopping them off from the bark, imagining they were monsters' ears. I post these images on Instagram and my Facebook page. I have connected with mushroom enthusiasts who share their mushroom photographs from all over the world. Such an amazing array of mushroom species. I am having so much fun learning about the Kingdom Fungi. L to R Top row: Amanita caesaria (Caesar's Mushroom), Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster Mushrooms (Blue)), Armillaria mellea (Honey Fungus). L to R Middle Row: 

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