Series project work in progress. Individual 11"x14" pen and ink illustrations of members of the Class Insecta.


Steve E said...

Ces, you are certainly aware how Ludwig van Beethoven laboriously worked over themes and phrases of his quartets and symphonies, on daily walks through the parks. And the glee with which musicologists respond with each new find even today--is how I feel when opening one of your drawings (works in progress)
...almost like an intrusion of your privacy.

So my claim again is that one day (actually "today"!!!) you are recognized
as "THE genius of squiggling" and other art disciplines. A true artist, who is recognized for the 10%/90% configuration of "inspiration/perspiration" known mostly by the greatest talents. Gifted talents are wonderful, but only if they are used to praise the Creator Who offered the gift, and the human who bargained to spend the necessary time to use them for God's greater glory.

Blessings to you Ces, your whole family, friends, coworkers, and blog friends, from one of those latter, me, Steve E.
...and thank you.

Bella Sinclair said...

YEEEEEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEEE!!! You are BACK! You are back, you are back, and all is right with the world! Heeheeheeheeeeee! Girl, these insects are superb, but I have to tell you they make my skin itch! TSUP TSUP TSUP!!!