My work in progress sucks. :)
I am debating whether I should ink the background or leave the white spaces alone...

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Steve E said...

Ces, it is with such pleasure that I get to "read" your commentaries, enjoy your artwork, and now return to all those old favorites and many, many others. Not necessarily to make money, but to leave a fairly accurate "Life of Ces", I ask you to consider an auto-bio sooner rather than later, PARTS divided into
Family background
Early years
Medical career,
Marriage and Family,
KNOWING I am not alone out here realizing the greatness we are seeing daily, I may have the loudest voice b/c I used to call the hogs to dinner. Never won a contest--but the pigs always heard me--grin!

Frequently a family does not recognize the wonderful gifts of one in their midst.
NOW, with access to a whole portfolio of your achievements via "instagram" (never been there before), I have a whole new outlet for my daily "Ces-fix".

BTW, you ask SO little for your work, like Manon started, but soon began to realize her work was worth WAYYY more, so she's now compromising, somewhere in the middle price range. Hopefully, you will soon risk that raise in value of your worthy works.

Please STAY IN LOVE WITH ART, my friend!

Gotta go to meeting...more again soon.
Thank you for SO much education.

P.S. if you decide to moderate this comment OUT, I saved a copy which will be posted on FaceBook...So don't get any ideas HAHAHA! (smiles!)