Farmer's Market Day

Farmer's Market Day. 17"x14" Pen and Ink on Bristol Board. 

This is for 52-Week Illustration Challenge Week 7: Farm. I did not mean to draw something for this prompt as I am trying to finish a drawing project for my husband. Week 7 prompt coincided with the week's first AWAD (A Word A Day) word which was "Farnkenfood". The image shown with the word was an orange peel sutured into a shape of a pear. At that time I was bedridden with the flu and had very high fever. When I did not have the chills, I was left with nothing to do but read. I finally decided to draw something for "Farm", This is my fourth attempt. The first three attempts were on the same concept but I was not pleased with the execution. This is the first time I am leaving white spaces on my drawing since I started drawing little people. Someday I may fill in the white spaces but for now I am satisfied. 


Rick Forrestal said...

Love this piece.

Bella Sinclair said...

Wowwwwww. Your FPOT must be lit up all the time like Las Vegas at night. Your images are dreamlike in their surrealism. Ouch, I hope those sutures do not hurt! I love all the little children! And those white spaces! Somehow they make me feel giggly and excited, like a young girl witnessing something a little renegade. :) I should like to go shopping at this Farmer's Market. Tsup!