Coffee, Tea or Me?

The Grumpy Woman Grumpily Having Her First Cup of Grumpy Coffee. Pigment and India ink on 11"x14" Bristol Board. 

No coffee for me even though it's 1:00AM and I am awake after being paged. I am on call.

I once worked with a nurse who declared that the reason she was grumpy when she woke up in the morning was due to the fact that she has not yet had her first cup of coffee. However, after her first cup followed by several other cups plus smoking cigarettes, she was still grumpy and scowled even more as the day progressed. Coffee had nothing to do with it. It was just a poor excuse for her unpleasant disposition. Maybe she just needed more sleep. Maybe she had too much coffee!

Remember when the government told you that coffee was bad? Well now the latest recommendation is to drink more coffee up to five cups a day, but should you trust the government?

Also in the news: Americans love to drink bad coffee. The best way to drink coffee is still having whole bean coffee freshly ground and brewed in a drip.The reason is cheapness and convenience. Cheap ground coffee pods are the rave today.

I love coffee, my favorite is Kona; but I prefer tea and my favorites are Oolong and Darjeeling.


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my! I would not want to cross paths with her! Her hair looks grumpy. Even her little pup looks grumpy. Then again, maybe he's grumpy because he's stuck with her. I love the grain on the table. And wow, look at her pajama pattern!

I love kona. I'm so embarrassed because the last time my SIL was here, I made coffee for her. But being the infrequent coffee brewer, I put way too many beans in the machine, and so the coffee was probably very acidic and bitter. She never asked for coffee again after the first day. I recently discovered, however, how to cold brew coffee which makes for much less acidity. Perfect for iced lattes, which is how I like it anyway.

*clinks tea mug with yours* Tsup tsup tsup!

Bella Sinclair said...

Ha! Quick, avert your eyes lest you be blinded by the glaring whiteness of her pale boobies!