Nazis in America

This is godawful!!!

...and on Children too?!!


Rick Forrestal said...

Tell me we're not guinea pigs...again.

Better still, keep going on your lovely drawing.

Bella Sinclair said...

OMIGOSH that is so CUTE!!! Oh wow, let me in on that fantasy!

Incidentally, that report was hyped up by the media. The EPA study followed strict guidelines, was approved by a biomedical review board, and obtained subjects' informed consent. Even in my psych days conducting 'soft science' experiments, we had to follow guidelines to project our subjects' well being and emotional states. There is growing concern that pollution kills more than previously thought, and until we have hard scientific data, corporations and countries will conveniently deny it.

Ces Adorio said...

Ah, Bella, I find it interesting that liberal media does not report on these issues and liberals always suspect reports questioning the environmental extremists even if human safety is endangered. The first report clearly states the number of people in the experiments and their notification. In this day and age everyone knows that chemical pollutants abound. The EPA does not have to conduct tests on Americans. All they have to do is move their headquarters to Beijing or Chernobyl.