Darkness and Light

In Your Farm

I have nothing
but a piece of white paper
and a black ink pen.

How do I capture the night
awash in a million flickering lights
from fireflies that will not see the dawn of day?

How do I record the scene of overwhelming awe
of a blanket of golden lights covering the fields of black
overflowing beyond the dark horizon?

How shall I trace each blade of grass silhouetted
only by an eighth of a moon and blurred by the sizzling lights,
what about the flowers and leaves?

My eyes did not see the darkness
nor did my ears hear the quiet stillness
of the night when you were there.

I was only told by our youngest sister,
her words filled with excitement
and longing

For you have been gone for a while.
sometimes I cannot remember how long
all I know is that I miss you.

Everyday I feel the space
you left in that place where the nights are awash in a million lights
from fireflies that will not see the dawn of day.

I see the flickering lights when I open my eyes
and hear the silence of the fading night, it is morning
and you dwell in my heart.


Steve E said...

Ces, it's been a long time since I was whelmed-over by a drawing, a poem, a memory, and a description of dark and light, day and night. By "a long time" I mean NEVER--grin!

Creator that you are, your own stars will ever shine, your fireflies will see the dawn of day--Your eyes shall witness the darkness, and ears hear the quiet stillness of Eternity.

And the grass blades honor you by singing your praise--for even your THINKING of them brought joy.

PEACE and LIGHT (uncounted lights, Ces!) Thank you.

P.S. I am saving this page in my files to cheer me--if EVER I feel uncheerful-grin

Ces Adorio said...

Aaaw Steve, thank you. I knew you will understand this. I appreciate your time and your kind words. I hope you are well. Take care. Tsup!

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful!!! Your image is so lovely and your poem so emotional!!!!!! Bless you my dear!!!!

k.h.whitaker said...

soooooooo beautiful, both the words and the drawing.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my. Really, oh my. As gorgeous as it is tender. There is not enough ink in the world to show how much you love your family.

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh my goodness! The poem is so poignantly lovely, and the drawing... wow! It's enchanting, truly!