Lord Of The Lies

It has been a hectic, maddening, worrisome, and anxiety-ridden week here for several reasons, but I am prevailing. This very happy-looking illustration is shrouded in misery because it is actually a part of the "Liars, Fabulists, Prevaricators and The Like" series. However, just like real life, the good have to face the bad and we deal with situations in the best way we can, until we have enough. I enjoy drawing this picture and experimenting with different types of pigment ink so that I almost cover each white space with ink but still have different shading and lighting effects. I might take a break to prolong the process and maybe draw something for Illustration Friday's Zodiac. What is your sign?

Lord Of The Lies, in progress, is the fourth installment to my Liars, Fabulists, Prevaricators and The Like series.

Liars, Fabulists, Prevaricators and The Like Series, Pen and Ink 14"x17" Bristol Board. Left to Right: (Left) The Incompetent Intolerant Megalomaniacal Pecksniffian Stalinist Equivocator and His Obsequious Sanctimonious Prevaricating Perverted Bumbledom, (Middle) The Liars' Fancy Dress Ball, (Right) The Vermicious Pernicious Fabulist And His Repertoire of Insidious Vermin.


Rick Forrestal said...

There's so much here.

The thing is . . .
to deal, to prevail.

Nicely done.

Bimbimbie said...


I'm a leo hear me roar my appreciation - you always astound me with the level of detail you get onto your boards Ces and the fitting names you've chosen for this series made me slurp my cup of tea... there's a branch of their family living down here too ;)

Here's hoping the level of worry is easing for you. Smiles*!*

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my! The amount of squiggling here is enough to make Elvis's hips look like they are standing still! It's dizzying, the amount of incredible detail! As with life, I guess you have to seek out the pockets of good within the bad. Wowwwwwwwwww