Alphabet Soup of Failure

Alphabet Soup of Failure. Pen and Ink on 17"x14" Paris Paper
Unprecedented Concoction of Corruption, Distrust, Ineptness, Incompetence, Lies, Falsehoods, Coverups, Spying, Overreach, Political Correctness, Abuse of Power and Disregard for the People.

To be fair, President Obama gets asked the tough questions from the American press. Seriously, give the man a break. He works so hard. 

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Bella Sinclair said...

I can feel my pulse quickening every time I see a new completed work by you. Every inch tells a different story! It's like an entire pen and ink universe, right here on your paper. Absolutely astounding! I wish I could go in for a closer look, but that spider is scaring me!