Very Bad Medicine

My MacBook Pro is being serviced. I have been without it since February 14th. Long story. Guess from which Mac I am publishing this post? Hahaha! This is the only free thing I get to do at Apple. For everything else, I have to pay. Whew. It is a blessing and a curse to be without your own computer. Sorry, they have a fancy track pad, I do not know how to manipulate it to align this paragraph. If you see any typographical error just let me know and I will correct it when I have my book back. Have a great day!

Very Bad Medicine
Series: The Plight of the Rhino, Number 3

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I decided long time ago that I will not eat anything nor feed my family anything with a "China" label.


Rick Forrestal said...

I only pray that your blog posts and illustrations for this cause REACH THE CHINESE CONTINENT!
(I wonder.)

Tammie Lee said...

YES, very bad medicine. so freakin sad.

k.h.whitaker said...

Oh, my soooooo very sad :(

Bella Sinclair said...

Aww, Ces. So horrifying. How can they be so heartless. I hope those bloodstains never come out.

Steve E said...

Every time I see one of your drawings of the poor and helpless suffering Rhino, I get to shivering with horror. It is my soul's reaction manifested in cold sweat.

God MUST have a special place for animals which we humans have mis-used...and I feel certain God DOES have a "special" place for the humans responsible for these abuses. SO much is so "wrong"...I long ago stopped asking "Why?"

Mauricio Abril said...

Wow, such a beautiful piece in both a good and sad way. Artistically, it's just marvelous. Your style seems to be evolving (At least to me) yet still staying within it's genetic lineage (sorry for the science analogies, but what can I say). You should try to connect with someone and use your art to help. Maybe sell prints or auction or something? Thank you for the link too. I'm definitely checking it out.