This is going to take a while...

I am experimenting with very fine nibs! In the past, I used 0.2 and 0.3 mm technical pens. The I used disposable micron pens. I am getting bored with micron pens. I have hundreds of 005 still unused and hundreds more of half used pens. When using a micron pen, the lines become lighter halfway through the pen's life. I have noticed that the finest pen and ink artists who stipple very fine illustrations are using certain pens, much like the Rapidograph pens I used before. They are using refillable pens with interchangeable nibs. That could get tedious and I constantly had to dip the nibs in ultrasonic cleaners. I thought perhaps I will try going back to them. Last weekend I have been scouting the web for very fine nibs. I am so excited. I found the finest liners - 0.03 and 0.05 mm. Now is that insane? Yes!


Rick Forrestal said...

Your wonderful work is sooo fine.
Of course finding the right micro-pens is important.
Glad to hear you're excited about finding new fine-liners.
(I can't imagine having the patience or attention to minute detail
to do what you do. I just appreciate your talent.)

Steve E said...

INSANE? NO! No more than a violinist seeking all his life for "just the right" violin
which will caver the high and low noted with equal tone quality...
Or is it like a alcoholic...whose REAL addiction is "MORE".
More of whatever it is (in the Universe) at the moment.
Always want more...better--grin!

YOU ARE MOST SANE Person I know, Ces...and most talented. PERIOD! (Don't ya LOVE that word? P E R I O D ?????

Lisa Graham Art said...

Stipple and nibs. Two new words for me. So THAT's how you do this amazing stuff you do! Truly stunning. Truly.